The Avengers

May 7, 2012

We’ve established that competency is sexy.  This is a very sexy movie.

HOWEVER  **spoilers!**

I think I need to see it again, so I can watch without thinking, “Frak you, Joss Whedon,” through the entire second half.  Because the guy seems determined to prove he cannot advance a plot without suddenly impaling a beloved character.  I only called it because I thought it was so ridiculously obvious an idea it couldn’t possibly happen.

HOWEVER  **more spoilers!**

When in the next scene Nick Fury is standing on the bridge of the helicarrier announcing, “I am blatantly using Agent Coulson’s senseless and perhaps not entirely unexpected death to motivate the characters and advance the plot,” — a remarkably meta performance for a movie like this — I decided that Fury was lying about Coulson being dead, and the guy’s actually tucked away in some secret hospital room, recovering.  IMDB is not much help to us here, alas.  Clark Gregg is listed as “rumored” to appear in some theoretical upcoming Nick Fury movie.  Which doesn’t mean anything.  But still, if it happens, just remember we had this little talk so I can say, “I told you so.”


Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system…  It’s a thoroughly enjoyable film.  My friends and I spent about eight hours beforehand watching the previous chapters of the saga (the last half of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, “The Consultant,” Iron Man II, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer,” Thor, and Captain America), which I expected to be exhausting, but it turns out that’s an awfully good, energizing set of movies.  I noticed lots of details I didn’t before, especially the amount of SHIELD references in the Hulk.  So at this point, arriving at the theater and watching The Avengers was like spending time with old friends, which is what all great series, book or movie, should do.  I’m ready for more.


I really want to see the scene where Steve Rogers visits Peggy Carter’s grave.  Please?


19 Responses to “The Avengers”

  1. Carol Says:

    I saw this panel interview a while back ( and it pretty much confirmed for me that Coulson was going to die. To that I say: Life Model Decoy ( We can still have Clark Gregg if we want him!

  2. ArcLight Says:

    As much as I’m usually against characters ‘miraculously’ returning to life, the whole scene to me lends itself towards Coulson surviving. He basically told Fury he needed to be dead to bring the team together. Finding out that Fury had taken Coulson’s trading cards out of his locker just cemented it for me. (So want to see the scene where Coulson finds out Fury ruined his ‘near mint’ set.)

  3. Cathyn McKenna Says:

    “I really want to see the scene where Steve Rogers visits Peggy Carter’s grave. Please?”

    Right there with you.

  4. Stewart Says:

    Even during the movie I was suspicious about Coulson’s death. That said, it is Joss and he could have done it this way just to keep his fans guessing.

  5. Assuming he did die (I’m on the fence about that), at least it served a better plot purpose than Wash’s completely random and gratuitous demise in Serenity.

  6. carriev Says:

    The thing is, Wash’s death did serve a purpose: it made the audience think the entire crew really was in danger, and that they all, or many of them, might die in the following battle. It raised the stakes hugely.

    However, Whedon seems to do this *every time* he needs something to motivate a character or shock the audience or raise the stakes. Tara in Buffy, whatserface in Dr. Horrible. Dr. Horrible was the one where I finally went, “Right, this isn’t a plot device, it’s a fetish.”

  7. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    In Dr Horrible, Penny was a macguffin, not a character. So her death had no impact on me. Coulson’s did.

    The scene with Steve and Penny was allegedly taken out because it slowed the plot down too much (and, given the rest of the movie, I gotta say “what?!”), so I’m assuming it’ll be on the dvd.

    I liked the movie quite a bit, despite the uneven pacing. I am probably going to see it again.

  8. Brandie B Says:

    I read a excerpt from Joss Whedon where on the DVD release they are putting the deleted scenes & Steve Rogers reunion with Peggy Carter will be one of them…. just so ya’ll know 🙂

  9. Melanie Says:

    My husband has been lamenting Coulson’s death whenever we talk about Avengers. My only response: “It’s a Joss Whedon flick.” The actor will always have the chance to come back, but I don’t expect Coulson to be resurrected. Best scene in the whole movie: Hulk wiping the floor with Loki. Monologue this, pal!

  10. Mel Says:

    Can’t be Whedon without a tree (or something similarly dramatic) to the chest.
    I just saw it again today, and this time blessedly without 3d. It;s so nice to be able to watch a movie without having to close my eyes every few minutes to stave off a headache.
    I still need to see Thor and Captain America.

  11. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    Nobody seems to have pointed out to Loki that he isn’t actually a god, but rather an adopted frost giant.

  12. ianthealy Says:

    I bet DC is kicking itself over not letting Joss Whedon do the Wonder Woman movie he’s been wanting to do.

    Of course, Etta Candy would probably die…

  13. I held out a little hope that Agent Coulson would reappear in the after-the-credits scene.
    Loved the Joss-ness all over the script. *Happy Dance*
    I agree with you ianthealy, and hope maybe that WW script will come out of the box/drawer/computer…

  14. Clark Gregg, the actor behind Coulson said, before the movie, that Whedon told him his character would survive the movie. (Though he could have been lying.) And reportedly he’s been in talks to appear in Iron Man 3. And we all know Nick Fury lies like a mo’fo.

    (As an aside, did you know Gregg is voicing Agent Coulson, who is also “Principal Coulson” of Peter Parker’s high school, in the “Ultimate Spider-Man” animated series?)

    Regardless, this is a movie about the Marvel Comics universe. And as we all know, in comic books death is a revolving door.

    And reportedly there’s going to be a half-hour of cut footage, mostly Cap stuff, including the Peggy scene, on the home video release. (I hope they integrate it into a director’s cut rather than leaving it separate!)

  15. Thomas Says:

    One of the best scenes was the after credits where they were eating burgers and no a single word was said. Personal favorites were Jonah and the Whale scene as well as the Hulk uses Loki as a rag doll scene.

    Not sure about what’ll happen to Agent Coulson, but we’ll see. I understand about it not being mentioned that Loki wasn’t a god, but a frost giant, but 1. Frost giants are as strong and tough as gods, and 2. it wasn’t really important to the point of the story as it was a set up for some other big baddie for the sequel. The first after end scene made me think Apocolypse, but I didn’t think that was Marvel.

  16. LupLun Says:

    Apocalypse is Marvel, but he’s also an X-Men villain. The guy in the stinger was Thanos. Which makes sense, from a sequel perspective. He’s commonly accepted to be the most powerful bad guy in the marvel universe.

    Incidentally, during that bit in the climax where Thor has to bottleneck the portal, I was reminded of what you said about the ESB looking like a death ray.

  17. Mackenzie Says:

    I wanted to see a scene where Thor went and saw Jane Foster, just anywhere in the film(before jumping on the plane and stealing Loki, after the fight, anywhere) and I’m happy they acknowledged her and moved her to safety,but the Capitan America scene would also be awesome.

    Also this movie was incredibly funny as well.

  18. David Bowles Says:

    I think this official puts Marvel leagues ahead of DC in terms of movies. DC pretty much only has Batman. Now Marvel looks to be rolling out Thanos. The only hope DC has is to put Darkseid in the Superman movie or roll him out at the end. Another Superman/Luthor movie will be lame beyond words.

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