sleeping in and gardening

April 27, 2012

I went to my first live burlesque show (at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret) last night and had a great time.  I also imbibed just a tad too much and did not take good care of myself, so am feeling a bit woozy this morning.  Enter reason number #356 I love working at home:  I can go party on a weeknight, then sleep in and muddle through the next morning just as slowly and carefully as I want.  (Not to rub it in or anything…)

But what I really want to show you is the gardening I did.  I had some minor dental work done this week and got entirely too stressed out about it.  The appointment ended up going quickly and nearly painlessly, which meant I walked out of the office with an excess of adrenaline needing to be burned off.  So I went to the garden center and bought a bunch of stuff to put in my empty planters:

Lavender, chives, basil, two kinds of mint, some pansies, and some flowering thing I got because it looked cool.  And remember the tiny little columbine sprouts I had a couple months ago?  Here’s what they look like now:

The best part:  they’ve got buds.  They’re going to bloom this year.  Yay!  Also, the big purple clematis is blooming!  I have a real garden!

It’s been gorgeous here the last couple of weeks.  I’m trying to get out and enjoy it as much as I can.  It’ll be easier, now that the copyedits and galleys I had (at the same time!) are done.


6 Responses to “sleeping in and gardening”

  1. WanabePBWriter Says:

    May your thumb continue to green.

    Are the wisdoms still in?

  2. carriev Says:

    Wisdom teeth still in. Not ready for removal yet.

  3. Terence Says:

    Very lovely flowers.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Columbines are great flowers: pretty and practically indistructable. Perhaps in time you’d like to add thyme and oregano to your little herb-garden – they’re easy to grow and home-made tomato-sauce tastes so much better with fresh herbs. Have fun with your garden!

  5. Adam. Says:

    I would have thought that if the intention was to burn of adrenaline then perhaps a larger and more fearsome plant would have been a better choice…

    A Triffid perhaps?

    Or an 8′ tall Venus Fly(man)trap?

    Or a rose bush with a black belt in Ju Jitsu…

  6. I’m trying my hand at gardening for the first time this year. I’m going for veggies, and I’ve decided to try the container route rather than in-ground. I learned about self-watering containers, and I am hooked. Veggies require gallons of water a day, but self-watering containers mean I don’t have to water but maybe twice a week. Very nice.

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