Hey, I’ve got a book signing tomorrow!

April 18, 2012

Thursday, 7 pm, at the Colorado Springs Marriot, in conjunction with the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, it’s a mass signing and fundraiser!  And then I’m teaching at the conference.  Gotta get my notes together…

Another announcement:  there’s a cool all-star anthology coming out next year, Unfettered, from Grim Oak Press.  And I’m in it!

Sitrep:  I’ve just turned in copyedits for the eleventh Kitty novel, Kitty Rocks the House.  It’ll probably be out next year sometime.  I’m also working on galleys for Kitty Steals the Show, which is due out in July and available for preorder.  I think ARC’s are out and will start popping up here and there.  (I will not read reviews, I will not read reviews. . .)  I’m starting work again on the twelfth Kitty novel, which I took a break from for traveling and some short story writing.  It’s a good chance to go over what I have and figure out what’s left to do.  So, it’s pretty much all Kitty all the time around here right now.

So, who all is coming to tomorrow’s signing?

3 Responses to “Hey, I’ve got a book signing tomorrow!”

  1. kendrame Says:

    I’ll be at the conference. I was thinking I’d go home early on Thursday but I still have a couple Kitty novels and After the Golden Age to get signed, so I’ll probably come. Might as well, right? Who needs sleep?

  2. zettew Says:

    Speaking of ARC’s – how does one go about getting an ARC of your upcoming books?

  3. carriev Says:

    If you’re a bookstore or professional book reviewer, you contact the publicity department at Tor books.

    If not, you may have to troll ebay and Abebooks and the like. They’re technically not supposed to be for sale, but you do find them.

    I’m not aware of any contests offering them at the moment.

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