April 4, 2012

Still sorting through pictures and trip journals.  And trying to catch up on real life.  I’m actually happy to be getting back to work, which I’m taking as a good sign.

It turns out that Pazin, Croatia is about a three hour drive from Venice, Italy.  For a westerner like myself, a three hour drive is nothing.  It’s Ft. Collins to Pueblo (assuming no traffic — ha!).  So we spent a day in Venice.  I loved Venice, despite the crowds (in March — what the hell’s the place like in August?!).  It’s like my other favorite cities, where all the history is laid bare and all the beauty you’ve been told about and seen in pictures all these years really is there.  Even miles away, when I got my first glimpse of the city on the highway approach, I gasped because it was Venice, I could tell it was Venice, with its gleaming domes and bell towers.

So, when I’m in a city noted for a particular historical period, I can usually put myself there.  Like hearing the hoofbeats of horses in Carcassonne.  Venice at its height, when most of the really spectacular architecture and statuary was built, was the early Renaissance.  Dangerous Beauty territory (and oh, how I want to see that movie again right now, because I’ll recognize it).  But that wasn’t what I felt.  We arrived at our B&B, a beautiful townhouse a couple of blocks from the Rialto fish market.  Our hostess Arianna showed us our rooms and made us all tea, which I took out to our balcony overlooking the Grand Canal.

I didn’t feel the Renaissance, here.  I felt like a young Victorian lady on a Grand Tour.  In the 1800’s, did some other traveler sit on this balcony, drinking her tea and reflecting on her good fortune?  Very probably.

Time travel is real.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

(The Victorian lady probably did not wear a Fruity Oaty Bar t-shirt.  I will grant you that.)


10 Responses to “Venice”

  1. ahhhh!!! Amazing…. but the Victorian Lady also didn’t understand that you can’t stop the signal… but we’ll forgive her… she wore corsets and hoops on a daily basis… torture… 😀

  2. Doruk Says:

    You know what they say, in America, secrets can be very secret (because of all the space), and in Europe, they can be very old.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Fruity Oaty Bar? From the first comment, I am inclined to believe that is the commercial from Serenity that triggers River. Correct?

    Awesome picture! You look happy and healthy, and Venice looks absolutely gorgeous behind you. I would so love to be able to travel all around Italy, Greece, and Europe in general someday.

    Glad you had such a great time traveling and that you made it home safely, Carrie!

  4. Juls Says:

    First thing that came to mind as I was reading this; OMG! I was just in Venice recently as well! And I’m kind of curious as to around when you were there. xP

    Now that I ACTUALLY read it, I more or less know how you feel. I kind of got lost in Venice for a good hour (how did you fare while wondering around?), so I didn’t really get to see much, but I DO know that it would have been quite the experience to live there, or anywhere else in Europe for that matter, during the 1800’s (though it might be a bit stinky).

    Glad you enjoyed your trip Carrie!
    PS. How’d you find the food?

  5. Shrike58 Says:

    “For a westerner like myself, a three hour drive is nothing.”

    As they say, the difference between an American and a European is that for the former a couple hundred years is a long time and for the later a couple hundred miles is a long distance.

  6. carriev Says:

    The best food I had the whole trip was in Dubrovnik. We had ok meals in Venice, but I expect there are great places we just missed.

  7. Joe Says:

    I caught shore patrol duty in Venice for a couple of nights back in the mid 70s. Unique city.

  8. Jakk Says:

    That last line about the t-shirt had me laughing out loud. Well played! Glad you had a good time.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    It’s been almost twenty years since I visited Venice and it’s still a very impressive memory – this post convinced me that I absolutely have to go again some of these days…

    I agree, it’s a wonderful town but it’s always too crowded. We went in December, it was terribly cold and still you had to wade through tourists – crazy.

    Anyway, I’m glad you had a good time. ^_^

  10. Helen Says:

    We were in Venice in May last year and the only really crowded place was the Rialto Bridge, even St. Marks Square was not too busy. We wandered all about for 2 days at the beginning and end of a cruise. The park on the east end of Venice was a wonderful interlude after walking allll over the city.

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