March 7, 2012

I realize Game of Thrones (the TV series) is chock full of all kinds of violence and triggers, but this is my particular trigger, and a fairly common one, so I’m going to give you the warning I wish I’d had:

If you have a hard time watching violence against horses, like I do, then on the fifth episode of Game of Thrones (“The Wolf and the Lion” I think it’s called), during the jousting scene, after Ser Gregor, the Mountain, falls and his squire hands him his sword, close your eyes for about 10 seconds or so.  When you hear the swordfighting it’s okay to open them again.  Trust me on this one.

(I understand the ninth episode is also problematic.  I haven’t gotten to that one yet.  I may just start closing my eyes whenever horses appear on screen.  Which ought to make the show interesting.)


3 Responses to “PSA”

  1. Fade Manley Says:

    Given how often they recast scenes on foot instead of horseback because it takes so much longer to film with horses, you may be in luck! Er. Somewhat. Occasionally.

  2. WanabePBWriter Says:

    For episode nine, when the “witch woman” calls for Drogos horse it would be a good time to go the kitchen to refresh your drink.

  3. Ty Says:

    I saw that scene filmed in person!!!

    I was there when the fake horse got witch womaned.

    So when you see that scene, Carrie, just tell yourself, “Right on the other side of that canvas Ty is watching this whole thing on a bank of tiny monitors.”

    It will make it less real.

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