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February 27, 2012

Just a reminder:  I don’t write a lot about writing here because I do most of my writing about writing over at Genreality.  It’s a good way to focus my thoughts about writing in one place, and keeps this blog from turning into all-writing-all-the-time, which would be pretty boring.   Today, I wrote about working too hard and burning out.  Short version:  I’m not burning out.  Not yet, anyway.

Is it me, or was the Oscar slate pretty weak overall this time around?  I was “meh” over the whole thing.  I forgive The Artist winning best picture, though, because they brought Uggie the dog with them.  Also, I really hate that they cut off speeches so quickly for everybody but the big stars.  Some of these people, this is their fifteen minutes, their time in the light, maybe their only time after a whole career of hard work.  They’re already flustered, then they get completely bewildered because the teleprompter is telling them to hurry up, and I don’t think it’s fair.  I know it would make the ceremony longer, but I don’t really care.  This pisses me off every single year I watch the Oscars.


6 Responses to “random post”

  1. Lionus Says:

    Good Gawd! They get their faces up on screens the size of a two-story building, we hear and see them on DVDs accompanied by their voice-over commentary in the special features, there are check-out tabloids covering every minute aspect of their private (?) lives, movie magazines and pop culture magazines carrying inane interviews with them, and you feel as though they are not being given enough time to gush out thank you’s to their acting coach, their mother, their high school drama teacher, all the little people behind the camera who worked so hard to help them achieve this fantastic moment in their lives followed by a little speech about something that is especially important to them – the endangered Antarctic penguins?

    When is too much self-involvement too much?

    Show clips from the movie, give them their statue, and then move on.

  2. carriev Says:

    I think you missed the “everybody but the big stars” part of the sentence. Read the whole thing.

    I’m talking about the “Short Form Documentary” winner or the “Sound Editing” guy, people who never get a chance to say thank you in public, who never get any attention at all. *They’re* the ones who get cut off, and it pisses me off that they don’t get equal time.

  3. Max Says:

    The “known stars get time, the rest get nothing” is how you know the Oscars are about nothing more than selling high price premium ad time, not recognizing good work in the film industry.

  4. I’m just annoyed that Hugo only won technical awards, and that Rise of the Planet of the Apes didn’t get Best Visual Effects.

    I am glad Rango won Best Animated Film, however.

  5. It was a pretty weak slate, but then, I thought 2011 was pretty weak as a whole. I was kind of shocked at how few films I saw last year. Then I went through a list of what actually got released, and I remembered why I stayed home.

    The Artist isn’t a bad film, but I found it quite overrated. Of the nominees, I would have voted for Hugo.

  6. Griggk the goblin Says:

    I stopped watching the Academy Awards when “The Princess Bride” was completely overlooked. I concluded that so long as *I* loved a movie, I didn’t care what in-house recognition it did or didn’t receive.

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