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February 15, 2012

Last year during one of the House of Ty Film Festivals, we watched Dagon, which turned out to be a thoroughly worthwhile Lovecraft horror flick.  But what struck me most was the end, the closing credit bits, when the horrifically brutalized main character and the Dagon priestess fall into the ocean together, and he discovers he can breathe underwater because he was destined to become the priestess’s consort, and they happily swim off together to the secret underwater city of Dagon.

And I thought holy cow this is exactly like the ending of Splash!  (I tried to find a clip of the end of Dagon to show you just how similar they are, but alas, YouTube has failed me.)

What this means of course is that Madison the mermaid is a priestess of Dagon and the Tom Hanks character is in for a hell of a shock.

And then last night we were talking about The Black Hole, and we watched the end bit, the part where Maximilian and Dr. Reinhardt have become merged beings ruling over hell.  And I realized something else:  the is where the Event Horizon went!  It went through the black hole to visit Maximilian/Reinhardt!  “Hell is only a word!  The reality is much, much worse!”  (Gosh, how I hate that movie…)

The only conclusion I can draw is that all movies are actually part of the same movie.



11 Responses to “movie deep thoughts”

  1. Andrew Says:

    And in that thought lies a really surreal story.

  2. Doruk Says:

    I still like Event Horizon. Of course, going to that movie thinking it is just a random sci-fi flick increases its impact a bit.

  3. carriev Says:

    I hate “Event Horizon” because the first half is effing brilliant. Seriously brilliant space horror SF. Then it degenerates into this really dumb slasher flick. Total waste.

    But I have “Pandorum” now, which did it right.

  4. Lear Says:

    Dagon = Flashdance just broke my brain. I literally had to get up up and get more coffee and think about puppies for a minute.

    I find your interpretation of the ending of “The Black Hole” interesting. I went and rewatched the ending to confirm my youthful impression that has stuck with me in the intervening 20 years.
    I don’t view Dr. Reinhardt as ruling over Hell, but trapped inside his own creation, helpless and immobilized. For me, the eyes really do it, shifting back and forth as though searching for an escape.

  5. Onion Says:

    For me, Reinhardt merging with Maximilian was the last step in what he began when he turned his crew into Robots. And the helpless eyes in the helmet were a sign that the crew had been trapped in their bodies functioning as robots but sentient and aware and trapped and helpless the whole time. You know, symmetry.
    But to me he (as Maximilian) was definitely presiding over hell in that clip, standing up there at the top of the mountain looking down on the lake of fire below.
    And then we see the good crew – including V.I.N.C.E.N.T. – get their wings as they float down the mirror hall and go to the planet of Heaven. Or something. That part was actually less clear to me.

  6. carriev Says:

    There was a ten+ year stretch there, after “2001: A Space Odyssey,” when all SF films had to have a long, inexplicable, psychedelic journey-of-the-mind.

  7. Lear Says:

    Re: Orion. I can reconcile your explanation with the footage. I think it explains both Carrie’s and my interpretation of the ending.


  8. Doruk Says:

    I think I have to agree about Event Horizon. I am just applying selective memory to the later bits.

  9. David Bowles Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of horror movies, but the quality drop-off in “Event Horizon” is epic, if not legendary. I remember looking at my friend at the end of that movie and saying, “What the hell just happened in the second half of that movie?”

  10. carriev Says:

    I rewrote “Event Horizon” in my head, so it’s all better now.

    I do that a lot with movies.

  11. Doruk Says:

    I was expecting that you did.

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