new releases

February 8, 2012

After a few months of not much happening, I have a whole slew of releases coming out.

Brave New Love: 13 Dystopian Tales of Desire, edited by Paula Guran, includes my story “Now Purple with Love’s Wound.”  It takes place in a fairly grim post-apocalyptic world, kinda dark and twisted.  Fun, you know?

The new issue of Apex Magazine is out — and it includes my poem, “Caverns of Science.” That’s right, I wrote a poem.  This was a strange thing that came out of the blue last summer.  I haven’t really worked at writing poetry since college, but here we are.  The idea needed to be a poem rather than a story, because I wanted to focus on the imagery and emotion, and a poem seemed the best way to do that.

I’ve mentioned it already but I’ll mention it again:  the current issue of Lightspeed includes my first-ish steampunk story, “Harry and Marlowe and the Talisman of the Cult of Egil.”  You can buy the entire issue now, and the story goes live on the site Feburary 28.

I’ve also mentioned before, After the Golden Age is out in paperback.  But now I have everything that’s come out in the last few weeks in one post.

I’ve also submitted my nominations of the Hugos and Nebulas.  As usual, the process demonstrates to me that I need to read a whole lot more.

Golden Age, spotted in the wild:


4 Responses to “new releases”

  1. Ooh, I saw After the Golden Age in paperback at Barnes & Noble the other day. Although strangely, I don’t see Steel in the “Teen Fantasy & Adventure” section where it was before, nor can I find it in any of the other “Teen Fiction” areas. 😦

  2. carriev Says:

    Steel should be out in paperback soon. They may be waiting to restock until it is.

  3. John B. Hodges Says:

    Greetings- I’ve spent that last few weeks reading your Kitty Norville series – glad to hear you’ve got more planned. I’m halfway through BIG TROUBLE now. Today I went to the dentist and was struck by the “werewolf psychology” of it… laying supine and passive in the chair, below the dentist. If a werewolf had leftover childhood trauma about dentists, and began to change (even a little) in the chair, the dentist would freak out. Just a thought….

  4. “Brave New Love” sounds like it might be good for my YA Dystopian Fiction class I am teaching this summer–will have to call the publisher for more info when they open!

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