a word on the numbering of Kitty novels

January 25, 2012

So, I’ve been at this long enough that I have to stop and think about how many novels I’ve actually published. (answer: 13, plus 2 collections)  It’s a milestone of sorts.

I find I’ve been inadvertently confusing people, because with the release of Kitty’s Greatest Hits, there are actually 10 Kitty books on the shelves. However, 9 of them are novels, and Greatest Hits isn’t (it’s a different format and everything).  So I haven’t been counting Greatest Hits in the sequence when I number off the novels, because it includes work written over the last ten years, and its continuity is all over the map, from 500 years before the novels take place on up to the recent ones.

So, when I talk about Kitty #10, I’m not talking about Greatest Hits (even though, technically, it’s the tenth Kitty book).  I’m talking about the tenth novel, which is Kitty Steals the Show, which is coming out this summer (woot!).  #11 is the novel after that:  Kitty Rocks the House, which I have just turned in and will probably come out in about a year or so.  And I’ve just started work on the one after that, which is #12.

I hope this makes sense.


4 Responses to “a word on the numbering of Kitty novels”

  1. Andrew Says:

    My joke-a-day widget came up with a Kristen Schaal joke about what would happen if a werewolf went to the moon, and I couldn’t help but think of “Kitty in Space.”

  2. Besa Says:

    Bless me, Father, for I…when you announced the release date for Kitty #10, I gave a terrible little fangirl-esque “squee”. I am glad no one was around to hear it. Well, except my rats, but in Rat, “squee” means something like, “quit it; that hurts.” Or maybe that was “eep”…


    Anyway, I would like to second your “woot.” And I would like to add, “gratz.”

  3. Besa Says:

    On a marginally related note, what’s the best way to get Kitty ebooks? Does anyone sell them without DRM? I know Baen does them that way, but last time I checked, most publishers consider that to be, shall we say, somewhat risky behavior on Baen’s part. I clicked around on Indiebound for a while, but mostly it just kept leading me in circles, recommending local bookstores which in turn recommended Indiebound if I wanted an ebook…I think I fail at the legitimate ebook finding. =/

  4. carriev Says:

    Try Fictionwise? Alas, I’m only just starting to get into the ebook thing myself, so I’m not very knowledgeable. But I believe Fictionwise offers a variety of formats. (although checking on it now, they no longer seem to have the Kitty books…hm…)

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