2011: writing in review

January 4, 2012

It is the time of year when science fiction and fantasy authors all over the web are posting about Their Stuff because award nomination season has begun.  I shall do likewise.

I sold a lot of short stories over the last year or two, but a good chunk of those sales were reprints.  In fact, I think sold more reprint rights in the last two years than I did in the previous eight years of my published career put together.  How weird is that?  But here’s all the new stuff that came out in 2011:

Short Stories

“Defining Shadows,” from Those Who Fight Monsters.

“Threads,” from The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities.

“You’re on the Air,” an original short from Kitty’s Greatest Hits.


“It’s Still the Same Old Story,” from Down These Strange Streets.


“Long Time Waiting,” the original story from Kitty’s Greatest Hits.   (I’m excited about this, because it’s my first-ever published novella, and I’m awfully proud of it!)


Steel, young adult from HarperTeen

After the Golden Age, from Tor Books (This will be out in mass market in just a couple of weeks, if you’ve been waiting for the paperback!)

Kitty’s Big Trouble, from Tor Books

All in all, it was a pretty good year.


3 Responses to “2011: writing in review”

  1. Jakk Says:

    Was a excellent year for Carrie Vaughn fans. Thank you.

    Hope you have even more fun this year.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Great job, Carrie! I really enjoyed all of the novels as well as the two from Kitty’s Greatest Hits, now to look for the other stories to see if I can read them.

    I’m about halfway through Straying from the path, and it’s amazing so far! So far my favorites are “This is the Highest Step in the World”, “The Happiest Place”, and “Swing Time”. The introduction is a bit ironic for me because I just got finished reading Jay Lake’s Green before starting on Straying from the Path. BTW it is so cool having your number copied book!

    Here’s to another great year for you!

  3. Berni Says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I just bought _Steel_ but have not started it yet. I had forgotten it was a 2011 book. That makes it eligible for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature, too. If I think it is suitable, I will submit it. (By suitable, not just that it’s good, but that I feel it is mythopoeic – based on or lends itself to myths and is in the spirit of the Inklings – very fuzzy categories. Like art and pornography, I know it when I see it, even if I can’t define it.)

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