lazy Saturday

December 17, 2011

Mission for today:  avoid spoilers for the new Sherlock Holmes movie until I can get out to see it tonight.  I’m thinking I may have to abandon the internet entirely.

Other mission:  writing.  I was meant to be writing the YA thing that I’ve been working on sporadically over the past year (my hope was to have it finished by the end of the year…that isn’t going to happen).  Instead, I’ve plunged into a different project — one that I also really want to work on, but I thought I was going to wait on it.  Then I suddenly thought of the perfect first chapter.  The ideal first chapter.  I’d been struggling with how to start this thing, and then BAM!  There it is.  One week, four chapters, 10,000 words, and a novel synopsis later…  Yeah, I’m working on a whole other project than the one I thought I was going to be working on right now.  That happens sometimes, and I’ve chosen to just roll with it.

(Sorry to be so cryptic about what these two projects actually are, but I hate discussing works-in-progress in public before I know how they’re going to turn out.  Neither of these things is under contract — I’m doing this on my own time — so I’m going to stay cryptic.)

And…Sherlock Holmes!  Where’s my frockcoat, dammit!


One Response to “lazy Saturday”

  1. LupLun Says:

    Kidnapped by the muse. That happens sometimes. Call me if you need a dude bad enough to save you. ^_^

    Game of Shadows without spoilers: Pro: Good action scenes, competent Watson, amusingly insane Holmes. Con: Lame mystery, MacGuffin comes out of nowhere, Stephen Fry buck naked. Conclusion: enjoy for being Guy Ritchie film, watch Jeremy Brett on DVD later to see how it should be done.

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