the mail brings nostalgia

December 15, 2011

I got back from my trip (I went to Oregon for a baby shower. . .my neice/nephew should arrive in just a few weeks now), and I found a couple of awesome packages waiting for me.

On the left:  the audiobook version of the first Wild Cards book.  I’m not a big fan of audiobooks generally, but I’m totally going to give this one a spin, because it’s one of my favorite all-time books, and has been since I first read it circa 1989.  Only this isn’t the original first volume — it’s the revamped one, that includes my story “Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan,” which makes it even more awesome.  The streams converge!  That this thing exists makes me ridiculously happy.

And then there’s the official DVD release of Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.  Holy crap, people, this thing shouldn’t even exist, yet here it is.  This is a half-hour TV show that ran for exactly one season (1987-88) and then vanished, to the point that people I tried to talk to about it thought I was making it up.  But it was my favorite show when I was 14, and was (in retrospect) a pretty big influence on me creatively.  It had an ongoing storyline, complex characters, and a level of realism that was a bit shocking.  It was about war — and people died.  Anyway, over the years I managed to find other people who loved the show as much as I did, helped put together the 20th anniversary website, and dredged up copies of the show to reassure myself that a) it existed and b) it really was that good.

I love living in the future.  When Captain Power first aired, I figured that would be it.  A show like that — one season, not real popular — would fade into the ether, never to be seen or discussed again except maybe at science fiction conventions.  But now — it doesn’t matter how obscure a show is, you can find it online, on DVD, whatever.  Getting this DVD set 25 years after the show aired seems like a little bit of magic to me.  (I’ve only had a chance to watch an episode, just to try it out, and the first thing I notice is how great the sound is.  I’ve been watching rerecorded versions of this show for so long I’d forgotten what it was supposed to sound like.)

So, I am a happy camper.

Also last week: posted Kitty’s Zombie New Year — because it’s a holiday story!


12 Responses to “the mail brings nostalgia”

  1. DebbieW Says:

    Hmmm. I’ll have to see if Audible has the Wild Cards available for download. My husband is a HUGE Wild Cards fan & has been trying to get me to read them for years. For some reason, I just never got to them. I’ve got all the Kitty novels & Discord’s Apple from Audible, so I might give this a spin.

  2. carriev Says:

    Audible should have it. Amazon has them both, definitely.

  3. Stewart Says:

    I never realized JMS was a writer on that show (and an influence on him for the good / bad). I didn’t catch it when it came out and will have to check it out.


  4. carriev Says:

    I’d meant to post this link and totally forgot:

    I’d long had my suspicions that Captain Power was a trial run for Babylon 5, and JMS pretty much confirms it here — the ongoing storyline, plot details, etc.

  5. DebbieW Says:

    Now after reading that link about JMS, I’m thinking I might have to look into Captain Power as well. When will I finally win the lottery so I can get all these things? ::note to self: Buy ticket first::

  6. Ty Says:

    The new Captain Power comes with you next time, right? So I can actually see what you’re talking about this time?

  7. carriev Says:

    Indeed… I’m debating about making you watch the whole thing, or just showing the last four episodes, which are basically one long ongoing story.

    Oh, but I have to show you the “writer just read Neuromancer and it blew his mind so he had to write a Captain Power episode inspired by it” episode.

  8. David Bowles Says:

    Hah! My friend had the Captain Power interactive gun thing! I also remember watching this show when it aired, but I didn’t know it led to Babylon 5. That’s interesting, because Babylon 5 is my favorite all time sci-fi television series. (Except season 5)

    I know it’s a total geek detail, but I really liked how in Babylon 5 most of the powerful weapon systems were beam-type weapons that were continuous and *cut* enemy vessels apart. I find this type of weapon highly reasonable for space combat, compared to weapons found in many other franchises. (Star Wars, I’m looking at you)

  9. Janice Says:

    Carrie, couldn’t Ty get the general idea of the whole show by watching “The Legend Begins” on disc four?

    “Blessed be the Neon…”

  10. Ty Says:

    Hey, I watched GI Joe with Carrie. Surely this show couldn’t be worse. I’m in for the whole thing.

  11. carriev Says:

    And the Christy Marx episodes, which are my favorites…

  12. Janice Says:

    The Christy Marx episodes are the best in the series. For me anyway.

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