random post

November 4, 2011

I’m calling this a random post because I have four or five “real” posts planned, serious thoughts and reviews, stuff that came out of Mile Hi Con that I still haven’t gotten around to putting together (the steampunk music panel, the Kitty anniversary cake (!!)), some thoughts on new TV shows, a movie or two, but I’m just not focused enough to sit down and write them.  So I’m putting them off, which makes me a bad blogger, but there ya go.

I’m distracted because I’ve got about four projects on my desk right now that are all this close to being done (two short story revisions, a novel revision, and a story critique), and I’m bound and determined to finish them in the next week, because I know how much better I’ll feel once they’re all off my desk.  Then I can get started on new stuff:  new stories, finishing a novel I started earlier this year.  Oh, and holiday cards, because it’s that time of year again.  Okay, five projects I’m trying to get done in the next week.

Last night I was talking with someone about this, about how I had all these projects and I’d set myself deadlines, and it was kind of stressing me out because it meant I was distracted from things like blogging and knitting, and this person immediately countered with how he hates deadlines, how deadlines suck, deadlines take all the fun out of everything, and so on.  This baffled me a bit.  Without deadlines, I would never get anything done.  Deadlines are great.  You know what else baffles me?  The one that goes, “Oh, if I did my hobby for a living it would take all the fun out of it and I would start to hate it.”  I run into that quite a bit, and never quite believe it.  But then, I’ve organized my whole life around making my living doing the thing I love, which is also completely dictated by deadlines.

The thing is, sometimes we have to do things that are hard (like meeting deadlines) in order to get what we want.  Deadlines, especially self-imposed ones (which 90% of mine are), are such a small price to pay for getting to do all things I want to.


3 Responses to “random post”

  1. Miss Bliss Says:

    I work BEST with a deadline. Ok…to be honest I ONLY get work done if there is a deadline. This is why I do well in live theatre. There are tons of externally produced deadlines that dictate the work flow. Gotta get the design done because the crew has to hang the lights. Gotta get the lighting focus done because everyone is showing up for tech rehearsal. Gotta get the tech done because everyone is showing up for dress rehearsal. Gotta get the dress done because the audience is showing up for opening night. I’m less good with self-imposed deadlines. I make excuses to myself all the time and get away with it. I need a tougher deadline boss for my writing because I let myself get away with not meeting ANY writing deadlines.

  2. Re WIlliams Says:

    Bad blogger? Hum. I think that’s someone who actually had an audience and then disappears for weeks without notice. Nope. Not you.

    Deadlines? As long as they are within human reach, yes. I used to set deadlines which would make me dead trying to reach them. I’ve learned to lower the bar so I can finish the race.

  3. spacecadette Says:

    Deadlines are a necessary evil/tool — just try keeping up by losing track of your progress. Eventually, you’ll have to check your mobile to know what day it is…

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