Capclave = success! plus some links

October 18, 2011

Had a really good weekend at Capclave, getting to spend quality time with lots of people I don’t see very often.  Lots of people I’ve only ever seen at Worldcon, so I had this sense of being at a mini — much more manageable — Worldcon.  Also, my voice stayed completely intact and pain free all weekend, which pleases me immensely.  The steps I took to get better worked!  (Thank you, Gina!)  A very big thanks to the con committee for making me feel super special.

Oh!  And I have to mention how Terry Pratchett stopped by on his way to the airport from an entirely different event and I got to meet him.  *heart*

Also, “Amaryllis” got a shiny:

The story won the WSFA Small Press Award.  This came out of left field, and was completely wonderful.  This is my opportunity to thank, once again, John Joseph Adams for asking me if I had a science fiction story, and to Paolo Bacigalupi, who took time that he really couldn’t spare to read a rough draft for me.

Fall has arrived with a vengeance.  I left a green lawn and came back to a yard covered with golden leaves.  It’s very pretty, but the seasons have definitely turned.  And now I must get back to work.  Kitty 11 is about 99% finished — I have a couple of scenes to add, some rewriting to do, and a subplot to surgically remove and replace with something better, but it’s that close.

Some links and stuff:

Don’t forget that Mile Hi Con is this weekend.  I’ll be doing a special “Carrie and The Midnight Hour” to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the publication of the first Kitty short story.  Holy cats!

An excerpt of Kitty’s Greatest Hits is up on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist.

Last but not least, there’s an auction going on at eBay to benefit Denver author Ed Bryant, who has fallen on some hard times.  Ed has been a fixture in the Colorado writer and SF community for decades, a mentor to countless up-and-coming writers (including me), and a friend to all and sundry.  What have I donated to the auction?  A Tuckerization in the above-mentioned Kitty #11:  a guest-spot in one of the radio shows, essentially.  Bid early, bid often!


8 Responses to “Capclave = success! plus some links”

  1. Mike B Says:


  2. Doruk Says:

    Congrats for the shiny!

    Also, I send ENVY at your way for meeting TP.

  3. Raye Says:

    Huge congrats… not just on the shiny, but the voice too… TAKE CARE

  4. This. Is so awesome.

  5. Thomas Says:

    Congratulations on the award! Great to hear that your voice is doing a lot better this time around. Go you!

  6. Nonny Says:


  7. Bob Devney Says:

    This was my first Capclave too. Wonderful convention, and may I say you were a pretty awesome guest of honor?

    Particularly liked the event wherein you and co-GOH Cat Valente interviewed each other. You were both interesting, entertaining, and generous to each other. Probably helped that you were friends.

    Also enjoyed the panel on writing fight scenes, wherein your background in actual swordfighting came in most handy in illustrating your, ah, points. Almost as handy as your super moderator skills, which were challenged by two other panelists who were often not only not on the same page, but several bookshelves apart.

    You also handed out one of the best laughs of the con — about the woman who complimented you on Kitty, because you got the details of werewolf angst so true to life …

    Ditto congrats on the award for “Amaryllis.” Gushed to you early in the con about it myself. More like this, please.

  8. carriev Says:

    Thanks, Bob!

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