Capclave is coming!

October 12, 2011

Don’t forget — especially all of you who say I never go to the east coast:  Capclave is coming up this weekend!  I’ll be guest of honor along with Catherynne Valente!  Just imagine how much mischief the two of us can get up to! (I probably shouldn’t say that…)

Also, rumor has it that we’ll be signing books at the Gaithersburg Barnes and Noble at 2 pm on Friday, Oct. 14.  It’s not up on the site yet and that’s about the only information I have, but I’m told that it really is happening.  So if you can’t make it to the con, find us both there.

Closer to home, MileHi Con is the following weekend, and November 5th I’m speaking at the Denver Public Library (Schlessman Family Branch) as part of their Colorado Author Series.

And that’ll be it for events for the year.  Whew!  But stay tuned, because next year is already booking up…


One Response to “Capclave is coming!”

  1. One day, you will appear at a convention on the east coast that I can actually attend, I just know it…

    Otherwise, good luck. 😀

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