announcing: Straying From the Path

September 30, 2011

For everyone who’s asked when I’m doing a collection of non-Kitty stories — here it is.  Straying From the Path has ten of my short stories from the last ten years or so.  It’s a limited edition (500 copies, signed and numbered, with an introduction by Jay Lake) from WSFA Press, published in conjunction with Capclave and now available for pre-order.

Way cool, no?


17 Responses to “announcing: Straying From the Path”

  1. Miss Bliss Says:

    Wow Carrie…that cover is gorgeous! Congrats. Looking forward to it.

  2. LadySilverRose*Wolf Says:

    Would that title have anything to do with “The Company of Wolves”…?! 🙂

  3. LupLun Says:

    Pretty… *_*


  4. Shara @ Calico Reaction Says:

    AWESOME. Consider it pre-ordered!

    How is it I’ve never heard of this press until now, and in the past two days, I’ve pre-ordered two different books by different authors?

  5. Gus Hinrich Says:

    Fantastic! Will be ordering.

  6. Thomas Says:

    Looks incredible! Also pre-ordering it right now. Amazing author, amazing cover, limited edition signed and numbered copy? What’s not to like?

    I have trouble imagining that your unicorn story wouldn’t be in this one considering the fantasy cover.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  7. Brian Hiebert Says:

    An absolutely gorgeous cover! Congrats and look forward to reading it!


  8. carriev Says:

    I’m afraid the unicorn story isn’t in this one… since it’s been reprinted online, I wanted to highlight some stories that haven’t been available for awhile. So this does have “The Librarian’s Daughter,” which I think is even creepier than the unicorn one.

    Must post full Table of Contents I think…

  9. carriev Says:

    Oh, and the title has more to do with indicating that this is not the sort of stuff most people are used to seeing from me…

  10. musicalmom Says:

    I agree, a very cool cover – quite eye-catching!

  11. Carol Says:

    Will there be a MMPB or digital version at some point, or is this it?

  12. carriev Says:

    I’m hoping to do an e-book in the very near future, but I wanted to give the WSFA edition first go.

  13. chuck Says:

    Great news – consider it pre-ordered. Makes me a little less bummed that other commitments are going to keep me from getting to Capclave this year.

  14. Bill Says:

    @Shara WSFA press is small press that is operated by the Washington Science Fiction Association. It has only been publishing regularly again since 2009. That was the year Harry Turtledove’s “Reincarnations” was released. Great multiple meanings title. There is a nice explanation of the Press’ History on the webpage.

    WSFA is very happy to have such wonderful authors as Guests of Honor at our Capclave convention. It also helps that they have great material for us to publish. We look forward to having more great offerings in the future.

    I have my copy preorodered as well. Look forward to seeing you next week!

  15. Doug Davey Says:

    I wish I could get a copy. But alas, I am in Alaska. (I actually contacted them to ask for an exception or work around, but haven’t heard back yet)

  16. Doug Davey Says:

    I found a re-seller, I get a copy even though I am in Alaska! Yay!

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