Steampunk #6

September 26, 2011

I’m calling this my airship flight attendant outfit.  I quite like it.  It’s the hat that makes it, really.

In other news, online magazine Strange Horizons is having its annual fund drive.  Donate, get a chance to win fabulous prizes!  I’ve donated a prize (a hardcover of Kitty’s Greatest Hits plus a CD of the playlist) to the cause.  Get thee hence!


3 Responses to “Steampunk #6”

  1. Mike B Says:

    We just got a new steampunk fashionmaking book in at the library where I work. If you’re interested it is Steampunk Emporium by Jema “Emilly Ladybird” Hewitt. It seems to be mostly jewelry or assessories but you might like it. (Not a critique. I like your outfits).

  2. Thomas Says:

    Another great outfit, Carrie! You are right that the hat makes the outfit. Or at least makes the outfit what it is. I think without the hat it would still be a very good outfit, but it would be something different than what it is.

    Since I have some extra money I’ll take a look at the Strange Horizons drive. I bet I’ll find something interesting too, besides the wonderful hardcover of Kitty’s Greatest Hits, which I already have.

    Keep it up Carrie!

  3. Nonny Says:

    Good hat. Steampunk Emporium sounds like it’s right up my alley.

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