in which I show off some of my wonderful books

September 15, 2011

One of the reasons I haven’t felt moved in yet is that the shelves aren’t done and my books are all still in boxes.  This is horrible.  I use my books.  It’s been terrible thinking, usually at least once a day, “Oh, I should look that up in my fairy encyclopedia” or “Gosh, I’d like to reread Arthur Machen right now” and not being able to.  Finally this week, I couldn’t stand it any more.  I had a whole list of books I’ve been wanting to look at, so I broke down and started digging through boxes for them.  I feel much better now.

What I found and why:

My pirate research books for the panel I’m doing on Saturday. (Under the Black Flag by David Cordingly, the catalog from the Whydah exhibit, A General History of the Pyrates, and Uppity Women of the New World by Vicki León).

My copy of Fast Ships, Black Sails so I can read “The Nymph’s Child” on Saturday.

Wings, Women and War and Red Sky, Black Death are books about the Night Witches, Soviet women pilots in World War II, who unlike their WASP counterparts saw extensive combat.  I got them for research for a story I want to write, that I really need to get started on. (Yes, they’re still wrapped in the plastic they came in.  This will change soon.)

Silver Birch, Blood Moon is part of the series of fairy tale anthologies edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.  I wanted to look at the Neil Gaiman poem, “Locks,” which is included.

A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold.  I just reread Memory, which made me want to read this one again.

Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link.  A short story collection.  I forgot I had this!

The Lais of Marie de France.  I’ve been talking a lot about Marie de France’s werewolf story, “Bisclavret,” on various panels, so when I stumbled on this on my search I decided to pull it out and look at it again.

Oh, I miss having my books out and easily searchable…


6 Responses to “in which I show off some of my wonderful books”

  1. I know JUST how you feel. My books are like another limb: indispensable: and they must be to hand. One day I’d love on of those floor-to ceiling double height libraries where you need a swing ladder to reach the top ones.
    Must try some of your suggestions! Thanks.

  2. Robert Says:

    I was just reading about how women in the battle for Stalingrad took front line firing positions. Women also staffed many of the Soviet AAA batteries.

  3. Thomas Says:

    I know how you feel as well. Having just moved myself and barely got my books unpacked this weekend. Unfortunately a lot of the books I want out are still packed and my shelves are full, so I have to pick a few I want to re-pack so I can unpack the ones I want.

    Good luck finishing unpacking and finding all of your books!
    Enjoy your convention/presentation that’s coming up!

  4. Amanda Says:

    I just culled through my books 🙂 Bunch are going to library, some I’m giving away on the blog.

    But I know what you mean. I do not like when my books are packed away. I feel lost without them on a shelf 😦

  5. Elyse Grasso Says:

    Do you know there is a webcomic version of Bisclaret?

    Yildiz (we need a token for the opposite of MKA)

  6. carriev Says:


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