still recouperating & more GI Joe

September 12, 2011

In hindsight, I’m realizing some things about the summer.  But since I would like to avoid being one of those people who talks incessantly about my health, I’ll skip the details.  Suffice to say, I started the summer with a nasty ear infection, and ended it with a cold that had been building for weeks in the form of a sore throat that wouldn’t go away.  This means I was never really at 100% energy wise through about a dozen conventions and conferences, book signings, and my big move.  I just keep thinking, wow, no wonder I’ve been struggling.

But I’m home now, with no travel scheduled for a month, and I plan on nesting and writing and reading and catching up on Doctor Who (it’s getting very hard to avoid the mega spoilers out there…) and all that good stuff.

So.  I finally caught a couple episodes of a new animated GI Joe on obscure cable.  GI Joe:  Renegade, in fact.  The first episode had already started, and it took me awhile to figure out what was going on.  Apparently, a small squad of Joes — Scarlett, Duke, Snake Eyes, Roadblock, and Tunnel Rat — are on the run and getting in various episodic trouble.  (One notices that this is the classic anime five-some:  light hero, dark hero, token girl, big guy, little guy.)  In this one, Duke got arrested for. . .something. . .and thrown in a jail run by a crooked warden who is staging prisoner cage matches on the internet.  It’s up to the Joes to expose the racket.  But in actuality we spend half the episode watching Scarlett go through one stupid failed attempt after another to spring Duke by subterfuge.  First she poses as his lawyer and fails miserably.  Then she poses as — wait for it — a pregnant white trash floozie demanding to see her baby’s daddy.

At which point I decided that I did not like this version of the show very much at all, no sir.  (This trick also did not work.  The gang required Flint and Lady Jaye to swoop in for the rescue.)

But I watched one more episode, in the interest of fairness.  At which point I caught the opening credits, which informed me that the squad is on the run for a crime they did not commit.  OMG IT’S THE A-TEAM!  And apparently, Scarlett is playing Murdoch.

But Remember when I asked for a GI Joe/A-Team crossover?  I swear, sometimes I don’t know my own power.

9 Responses to “still recouperating & more GI Joe”

  1. Not gonna lie, Doctor Who has been largely hit-and-miss this season. The two best episodes so far are “The Doctor’s Wife” (by Neil Gaiman, no less) and “The Girl Who Waited.”

  2. missraye Says:

    yeah.. but did the episode include an androgynous pop singer with a penchant for bright colors and bobby pins??? hmm? did it? yeah, a-team rocks.. 😀 and i know you’re all powerful… duh!

  3. bill Says:

    The world does not have enough Doctor Who. On the other hand, every so often, they do something that ‘feels’ like “oh, they needed to fill five minutes with … stuff”….so maybe there’s the right amount.

  4. Jakk Says:

    The Doctor’s Wife and The Girl Who Waited were indeed, excellent episodes. I still have not seen the A-Team movie, more because i am worried about it being a bad movie and damaging more of my childhood memories(same reason i refuse to see Land of the Lost).

    The nice thing about GI:Joe and Transformers cartoons…give them a season, and they go away and a new version shows up. Wished they would make them again like they did in the 80’s.

  5. Jessica G. Says:

    So if G.I. Joe is the new A-Team, is Duke Face of Hannibal? Or some sort of mutant combination of the two?

    And “The Doctor’s Wife” was such a different style and tone that I wasn’t surprised that it was Neil Gaiman’s work. (Liked American Gods well enough but I really need to read The Graveyard Book.)

  6. bill Says:

    Your comment about American Gods is spot-on. I read that and was surprised that I liked it. There really IS something to the idea that talented writers write differently. That level of skill can’t easily be taught, I suspect.

  7. Nonny Says:

    My VA shrink and I love The A-Team. We especially like the episodes where Murdoch escapes from the VA hospital. 😀 They were shot at an actual VA locked ward, in West LA.

  8. carriev Says:

    Scarlett: Murdoch
    Duke: Face
    Snake Eyes: Hannibal (the only one on the team with sense)
    Which would make Roadblock and Tunnel Rat mashed into B.A., which somehow feels like cheating.

    I liked the movie, but it was pretty brainless. It had some bits that annoyed me, but the 4 guys weren’t it.

  9. Brian S. Says:

    Doctor Who fan myself (Tom Baker days). I found myself drawn back in with the new seasons. “The Doctor’s wife” and “The Girl Who waited are right up there with my other favs; “The Girl in the Fireplace” and “Blink”. So many more…

    The writing in this show has been amazing.

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