convention recap

August 30, 2011

The last couple of weeks seem like a haze, but that may be because I spent most of today recovering from food poisoning.  Boy, did I not need that in my life.  You know it’s bad when thinking of broth makes your stomach turn.
But on to happier thoughts.

Worldcon:  Wow.  What a great time, though in retrospect I spent much of the weekend in a state of high-tension anxiety because of the Hugos, and by the time Sunday rolled around I was as spaced out and exhausted as I have ever been at a convention, and that includes Comic Con.  If you caught me in this state, I apologize.  Otherwise, highlights include getting to have actual conversations with people I don’t see very often, playing blackjack after the Hugos with Diana Rowland and Ty Franck (we found an awesome table that was all con folk, and the dealer was a Game of Thrones fan who went all wobbly when she found out Ty is George’s assistant and has met Jason Momoa), meeting Doctor Demento and his wife, meeting SJ Tucker in person, taking my parents to the pre-Hugo reception and introducing them to everyone, drinking way too much at a Brotherhood without Banners party, watching Brandon Sanderson cast “summon Pat Rothfuss” and having it actually work, hanging out by the pool, and countless other lovely little moments.  Hugos:  it really is an honor to be nominated, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  I got a little rocketship lapel pin.  It’s awesome.

The signings in Lansing and Lexington went very well if I do say so myself, and were made even nicer by getting to spend time with friends in both places.

Bubonicon was Bubonicon, which is always a great time among good friends.  But by this time, I was seriously losing my voice to the point where it was painful to talk at all, and so I just didn’t for most of the weekend.  People could tell I was in a bad state and were very kind.  I do very much appreciate my adventurous whirlwind life, but I sometimes wish things were spread out a little more instead of happening all at once.

It’s good to be home, but it’s only for four days, until CopperCon.  My job until then is to get healthy and get my voice back.  We decided to leave Lily with my Mom and Dad, so I haven’t seen her in two weeks, which is making me sad.  But it’s just as well she’s not here while I’m dealing with the food poisoning issue.  She’d only worry.

(At Reno, I finally caught up with the Iron Throne.  I’m king of the world!)


3 Responses to “convention recap”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Not to minimize your achevement (Congrats on the nomination.) by any means, but…

    You got to meet Dr. Demento! That is so cool…and demented.

    Hope you’re on the mend. 🙂

  2. DebbieW Says:

    Adding my congratulations on the nomination … and love those cool socks!! 🙂

  3. Sandra Says:

    Time to take a few breaths, eh? Love the paw printed socks. And were you able to put that lovely chair into your luggage? 😉

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