Battle: Los Angeles

August 29, 2011

What I really want now is an alien invasion movie where the aliens use mass drivers. (Now that I think of it though, that happened in Starship Troopers, didn’t it?  But that wasn’t quite an alien invasion movie.  Unless you count the humans as the aliens doing the invading.  Sorry, never mind, I’ll stop now.)

I confess, I burst out laughing at the line, “Maybe I can help, I’m a veterinarian.”  As if that would give her any greater insight into alien physiology than the squad medic.  Ty did warn me, when he tied me to the sofa with margaritas and made me watch it, that the movie doesn’t have a brain in its head.  (“It’s not just our water that they want, it’s the unique composition of our water.  Our water is liquid!”)

What this movie does have is tactics, and possibly the best opening sequence in an action movie I’ve seen in a very long time.  Want to know what an invasion of a coastal city by a technologically superior force might look like from the ground?  Here ya go.  I would just cut out all of the clumsily shoe-horned  info dumpy newscasts, and every single moment of flashback and interpersonal angst.  And most of the dialog, actually.  Just give me the straight-up military action tactical thought experiment.  Hooyah!

Also, Michelle Rodriguez’s character is exactly the kind of woman character I want to see more of.  Professional, competent, without any indication that her presence is anything other than normal.  And she survives to the end in this one!  Let’s get Rodriguez into a leading role now, can we?  Please?


8 Responses to “Battle: Los Angeles”

  1. Miss Bliss Says:

    I haven’t seen the movie but HEAR HEAR on the Michelle Rodriguez comment. She is the best ever.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    The mental image of anyone being tied to a sofa with margaritas, instead of something more conventional like rope, is amazing.

  3. Cat G. Says:

    What?? Michelle lives to the end? Without any sneaky coming back from the dead? I may have to watch this movie now, just for that.

    Also, you couldn’t be tied to the sofa without that unique composition of our water… and tequila.

    Also, yes, please let Starship Troopers the movie go. I prefer to pretend they never optioned the book. Much like everything past the first Highlander movie.

    I never understood why alien invasion movies didn’t just do what Heinlein used in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Dropping rocks down the gravity well would be very effective, without any risk from our current space program.

  4. Jakk Says:

    Babylon 5. There you go for your Mass Drivers.

  5. “It’s not just our water that they want, it’s the unique composition of our water. Our water is liquid!”


  6. SpareFoot LA Says:

    Ill have to check it out. Love Michelle Rodriguez! And is this opening scene the best since Saving Private Ryan? That is definitely the best one I have ever seen.

  7. Jim Van Pelt Says:

    I’d talked about the movie a few months back at

    It sounds like we saw the same film! lol

  8. Adam. Says:

    Whatever happened to Real Estate as a reason for invasion?

    What we have here is an entire planet (with lots of water and with rocks to sit on) in the Goldilocks zone. Prime colony location. Why does it need to get more complicated?

    And it’s good to know that the ancient art of forging Tequila and Lime into a strong alloy is alive undergoing practical use 😉

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