reminder: signing tonight at Schuler Books!

August 23, 2011

This is just to remind you that I’ll be signing books tonight at 7 pm, at Schuler Books in Lansing, Michigan.



One Response to “reminder: signing tonight at Schuler Books!”

  1. Gus Hinrich Says:

    I am very sorry I missed you!
    In fact, I was even near Lansing that day (I’m from Grand Rapids, MI), but I was helping my sister who had just broken her arm the night before. Bummer, for both her & me.
    Ah, well. I was going to ask you to autograph both Kitty’s Greatest Hits and Voices of Dragons. I thoroughly enjoyed VOD, & had bought after reading about it in John Scalzi’s Big Idea feature on his blog. I don’t normally venture into the YA section of the bookstore, but I was glad I did.Best part:: the page where Kay asks the dragon why the girl in the sacrifice had to be a virgin. Reply: “that’s your rule. WE can’t tell”. A real drink-out-the-nose moment for me.
    Anyway. I love all of the Kitty books & all of the others that I’ve read. Hope you can get back to Michigan another time!


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