Parisian gargoyle

August 19, 2011


3 Responses to “Parisian gargoyle”

  1. missraye Says:

    will he be in an upcoming novel???
    I should probably say ‘it’ since I’m not entirely sure of its gender.. lol

  2. Thomas Says:

    That’s an awesome gargoyle!

    I just got Kitty’s Greatest Hits, and it’s incredible. Just got through the third story and Ricardo’s origin story is just as great as the first time I read in when it was published online.

    Can’t wait to read more and I’m even more excited to get to Cormac’s story! Thanks for another awesome read, and good luck on that Hugo!

  3. Jakk Says:

    That is a neat gargoyle. Wonder what it’s diet would be, if it was living.

    Kitty’s Greatest Hits was great, and i was very proud of the great review it got on the TOR website. Congrats.

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