to Worldcon, and beyond!

August 15, 2011

Wednesday, I begin something of a mini-tour to promote Kitty’s Greatest Hits, which also includes a couple of conventions and fun for everyone.  As a result, posting here will be light.  Lighter, rather.  But I’ll update when I can.  (Especially after the Hugo Awards on Saturday.  Fingers crossed.  Whatever happens, I plan on dressing to the nines and making an event of it.)

Without further ado, my epic schedule for the next two weeks.

Renovation:  Reno Worldcon

I have a busy, busy convention…

Thursday 3 pm:  Creating Gods (panel, A09)

Thursday 4 pm:  Arrrgh! Tall Tales Versus History in Pirate Research (panel, A03)

Friday 11 am:  Urbane Fantasy vs. Urban Fantasy (panel, A04)

Friday 5 pm:  Pirates for Kids (panel, E1)

Saturday 1 pm:  Reading (A15)

Saturday 2 pm:  Autographing (Hall 2)

Saturday 3 pm: The Paranormal as Metaphor (panel, A16)

(at some point in here, I will be in my hotel room, cursing my limp fine hair that will not stay up no matter how many bobby pins I use)

Saturday 8 pm: Hugo Awards Ceremony

Sunday 11 am:  Kaffeeklatsch (KK1. Warning:  odds are I will be a sleep deprived basket case here, no matter which way the awards go.  Apologies in advance.)

Sunday 12 pm:  Wild Cards (panel A01+6)

WHEW!  Now, onward:

Tuesday, August 23, 7 pm, I’ll be signing books at Schuler Books in Lansing, Michigan.

Wednesday, August 24, 7 pm, I’ll be at  Joseph Beth Books in Lexington, Kentucky.

Then, onto Bubonicon in Albuquerque, which runs August 26-28.  I probably have a schedule for it around here somewhere…

Then I’ll be home for a couple of days.  Then I’ll head out to be Guest of Honor at CopperCon in Phoenix, Arizona, September 2-5.

Then, I’ll come home and sleep…

5 Responses to “to Worldcon, and beyond!”

  1. sewingdragon Says:

    RE: limp, fine hair. ‘Goody’ makes corkscrew-like things- look like twisted bobbie pins, come in two lengths, work great with my superfine, thin hair. Thought I’d share the info.

  2. WanabePBwriter Says:

    Dressed to the nines…does this mean an evening gown, or in keeping with it being a Con (World Con and Hugo’s Not withstanding) Steampunk regalia?
    Best of luck for the award.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Good luck on the Hugo! Let’s us know how it turns out. I’m sure we’re all rooting for you. I know I am!

  4. Jim Van Pelt Says:

    Good luck, Carrie! Wish I could be there. Unfortunately, teachers report to work this week. Argh!

  5. carriev Says:

    Oh no! Jim, you’re one of the people I look forward to hanging out with at Worldcon! I figured Reno was so close to you I’d see you for sure!

    Mile Hi Con then?

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