Cowboys and Aliens

July 31, 2011

I got three words for y’all:  deus ex peyote.

It was a mediocre western and a mediocre alien invasion movie, and the whole did not surpass the sum of its parts, alas.  But hey, at least Clancy Brown was in it.  Right up until he wasn’t. . .

And why do aliens with interstellar travel capability have to be dripping with mucus and chew out people’s throats with their very sharp teeth?  What evolutionary advantage does dripping mucus provide?  Why?

In closing, it’s my considered opinion as an enthusiastic amateur that Harrison Ford sits a horse better than Daniel Craig.


14 Responses to “Cowboys and Aliens”

  1. Clothdragon Says:

    I agree. I told friends, this morning, that if they could turn off the “But why”, “But where”, and “But what” parts of their brains, and supercharge the “Ooh, shiny” part, it would be great.

  2. sef Says:

    I would have enjoyed the film more if they were here to eat us. Which would have explained more.

    If only they’d been here to mine He3, then I could have pointed James Nicoll at it and heard an entertaining scream from across a continent…

  3. Barb Says:

    It’s not out where I live yet (we only got Captain America yesterday, dammit!) but early reviews have me so disappointed.

    I was really looking forward to this one for a long time (though admittedly I was a tad disheartened when Robert Downey Jr dropped out.)

    I’ll definitely give it a look when it comes out anyway, if only to stare in wonderment at people sitting a gallop in a Western saddle. Never could do that.

  4. carriev Says:

    I think the trick is to sit back a little instead of down, if that makes sense.

    Ford rides beautifully, looks like he could do it all day. Craig never quite looks at ease in the saddle. He’s convincing, but as a guy in the old west who rides because he has to, not because he’s comfortable doing it.

  5. I think the problem was the tone was too darn serious. If anything, this film should have been more like The Mummy (1999): real peril, but with some acknowledgement of the ridiculousness of the premise.

  6. ArcLight Says:

    Most of the reviews have left me feeling not very disappointed that I haven’t seen it yet. Most haven’t been all that impressed and the one who was adored this and hated Captain America so that’s still not an endorsement in my book.

    I wonder if Craig ever had much occasion to ride before he got the role?

    And I’m getting the impression this is yet another movie Clancy Brown’s character doesn’t survive?

    I might still go next weekend if nothing else is going on….

  7. Mom Says:

    I read that Harrison Ford bought his horse and Craig’s horse after the filming.

  8. carriev Says:

    They were very nice horses. I always have a sneaking suspicion while watching westerns that the horses I’m looking at are much better fed and groomed than actual horses of the period.

    It was also pointed out to me after the movie that Ford does in fact own a working ranch in Wyoming that he spends a lot of time at, and has probably spent a lot of time, voluntarily, in the saddle. He really looked it in this movie.

  9. Doruk Says:

    Well… let’s see… Mucus could be a good insulator? Mucus could help dissolve airborne chemicals they use for communication and ferry them to receptors? Mucus could provide an indicator of fitness through its chemical composition and/or physical appearance? Mucus could help maintain mutualistic organisms that live on the aliens’ skin? Mucus could… uh… allow the microscopic young aliens to stick to the parent for protection and transportation? Mucus could… wait, wait, I got more… be a self-fertilizing mechanism? I am sure I can go on, as long as it doesn’t actually have to make sense 😛

  10. Jakk Says:

    All i am going to say is that the other major alterative this weekend was the Smurfs, and that is the true meaning of horror.

  11. Jakk Says:

    Ok, Saw C&A, and despite the faults i had with the movie, it was 1000000x better than the Smurfs could ever be. Seriously.

  12. Phyllis Says:

    Had to chuckle when I saw Craig posting to the trot in full Western gig – in early scenes – I think he caught a clue by the later ones..

  13. Carolyn Says:

    Finally saw it. A better western than SF. Agree that Craig didn’t look comfortable riding. Olivia Wilde, however, sat the horse absolutely beautifully, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Thank goodness we got to see Harrison Ford’s trademark smile at least once.

  14. carriev Says:

    I really like Olivia Wilde, and would like to see her do something other than McGuffin female at some point.

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