seen and not seen at Comic Con

July 27, 2011

Everyone I show this picture to goes “Aaaaack!”  It’s just so wrong.

Also very wrong:

Flash on a Segway.  The mind boggles a bit.  But let me tell you about the creepiest costume I saw:  there was someone dressed as Rorschach, which is not an usual costume, but he was walking around with a girl about 4-5 years old (his daughter I presume) who was dressed as Hit Girl.  It was cute for about half a second until I started thinking through the implications.  Then it was just…disturbing.

Look at what was playing at the House of Blues Saturday.  If it had said Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes I might have gone:

I added some bling to my backpack:

The con went well.  I met lots of folk, signed lots of books, and had lots of good meals with good friends.  And I have an epic tale of heartbreak.  Epic, I tell you.  The usual convention thing happened, where I went through the program guide, circled the things I wanted to see, only to discover that the things I wanted to see were all scheduled opposite my own events.  This included the Nathan Fillion/Castle panel, which started 15 minutes after the Wild Cards panel ended, but since we were scheduled to sign books right after the panel I couldn’t go try to get in to see it at the last minute.

Then, on Saturday, I discovered the awful truth:  the Nathan Fillion/Castle panel was IN THE SAME ROOM, immediately after the Wild Cards panel.  My first thought was, oh crap, the actual Wild Cards fans won’t be able to come see us because all the Nathan Fillion fans will be camping in the chairs.  My second thought was, what on earth did I have to do to accidentally sort of linger on stage long enough to accidentally sort of run into Nathan Fillion?

Long story short, my plan didn’t work.  Alas.  I was that close, people.  (I did, however, spot Chris Evans signing autographs at the massive Marvel Comics Avenger booth.  I did not get a picture because the security guy yelled at me.  Alas again.)


13 Responses to “seen and not seen at Comic Con”

  1. Raye Says:

    oh man… I don’t wanna see the apples for the first photo.. that’s a whole ‘nother film… attack of the mondo huge apples!!! *shudder*
    and Carrie, soooooo disappointed that you didn’t ‘bump’ into Herr Fillion for a photo… cause i’m sure HE would have been THRILLED… 😀 so, when is the Castle vs. Vaughn poker game??? you so need to be in one of those eps.. 😀

  2. I wish they would clear the rooms. I had to fight to get into the No Damsels panel because a Harry Potter panel came after it.

  3. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    Surely you are a well-known, or on your way to becoming a well-known, author. There has GOT to be some connection you can use to meet Cap’n Tightpants.

  4. DebbieW Says:

    Okay, I am ignorant of the meaning of the bling on your backpack. Can you enlighten me, please?

  5. carriev Says:

    It’s Browncoat insignia!

  6. LupLun Says:

    LOL Flash on a segway. That SO deserves a smartass caption by some allegedly witty 4channer. ^_^

  7. DebbieW Says:

    Browncoat? Ohhh, now I see it. Doh! Thanks!

  8. Margotta Fritatta Says:

    Fan girl drool!

  9. Jakk Says:

    ROFLMAO! When i saw that smurf coming up the street, i kid you not, i asked several of the security people if they would go kill it. They all smiled politely and apologized.
    PURE EVIL. Seriously, that was the only words i had for it, and it is SO weird you mimic my exact thoughts.
    Ran into that Flash guy three or four times(i was parked near where he was hanging around), and i kept having to ask him why he was ALWAYS in the way blocking people. NOTHING worse than a SLOW Flash, i tell you.

    Great con, can you share any info on the Wild Cards panel, i unfortunately missed it(and trust me, i am hating myself for it).

  10. carriev Says:

    Because we were speaking to an audience that was 98% Nathan Fillion fans who had never heard of Wild Cards, it ended up being an “intro to Wild Cards” rather than any in depth info on the series. Though we did have a couple of enthusiastic fans who asked specific questions about old characters, etc.

    I do think we won over a few converts, though. 🙂

  11. Jakk Says:

    Sigh. The same thing happened to your other panel. 99% were Harry Potter fans, and i was unable to make it(but it gave me time to make sure i could be at the signing afterward!). There was so many questions i had prepared. Next year?

  12. Jakk Says:

    By the way, here is a recap of the Castle panel you missed, my saying thanks for the good memories. Enjoy:

  13. Nonny Says:

    You made converts at both panels. The Gryffindor sitting next to me at Damsels was looking for a new series to love and became enthusiastic about Kitty, so I hope she follows up. When I realized what was happening before Wild Cards, I asked, so who’s here for both panels? The woman sitting in front of me was only there for Wild Cards, and a couple Browncoats were, like me, there for both. I like so many of the Wild Cards writers that I have finally picked up a copy of Inside Straight, so I guess I’m a convert too. 😀

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