why I’m a pack rat

July 23, 2011

While unpacking after the move, I found my badge from when I went to BEA as a bookseller back in 1997.  Here it is, next to my author badge from 2011.  (Yes, my name is spelled wrong, folks felt very bad about that.)  Pretty cool, huh?

It does make me a bit sad, because McKinzey-White no longer exists, having shut its doors in 2002, I think.  I never did get to do a signing there.


5 Responses to “why I’m a pack rat”

  1. Elaine Says:

    I still get a bit wistful about M-W every once in a while. Unfortunately, once they moved down to Centennial, I rarely got there: me and apparently everyone else in town.

    Hooked on Books is due to close this summer, as well.

  2. Teresa Says:

    I call this, inspiration 🙂

  3. Raye Says:

    as a fellow packrat… 😀 still.. it’s VERY awesome…

  4. carriev Says:

    I’d left MW before the move, so I don’t know all the decisions that went into it, but I do think it was a contributing factor.

  5. Bob Says:

    Border’s is closing.this week. Alas…When I was between 12 hr overnight shifts and had to stay up for a day job during my sleep cycle, I’d stop in and have Steve concoct a stay awake potion. Like Snape , with an Afro, he add turbo this, expresso that, 3 squirts hazelnut and top with whipped cream to contain the smoke and draw away/ evaporate the calories (Hey, don’t scoff- this man was a professional). I’d chug it down thankfully- my body doing an impromptu Wave. He kept me functioning on that shift for a year. I met so many characters there: Dresden, Kitty, Honor, and lots of zombies…

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