a good idea

July 13, 2011

For Albuquerque folks — I know you’re out there!  I’ll be signing with Steven Gould tomorrow at 7 pm at Page One!

I get a lot of feedback on the UK covers of the Kitty books — they’ve gone in a different direction than the US covers, after a lot of experimentation to figure out just what will appeal.  But what I really want to show my US readers is this nifty thing the UK editions have on the back:

That’s right.  Orion categorizes its urban fantasy so you know exactly what you’re getting.  I think this would solve so many problems.


12 Responses to “a good idea”

  1. Not feeling very nymous Says:

    They also do that with their pr0n, though with a somewhat different set of icons. It seems very logical, and not just for those two genres.

  2. LadySilverRose*Wolf Says:

    As a UK reader, I have to say I actually don’t like the UK covers – those women don’t make me think of Kitty at all. I was fortunate to buy the first 4 Kittys in their original US covers, and have made a point of getting all the new books in the US covers.
    “Kitty’s Big Trouble” has been on my shelf for a week now, waiting for me to finish the book I’m currently reading {if I start reading her now, I won’t sleep until I’ve finished!}

    On the flip side, UK editions of Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files” {not published by Orion} had excellent covers for the first 11 books – they looked like file-folders – but from book 12 they have covers which are like some of the worst US style, and the series has now lost its destinctive look.

  3. Shara @ Calico Reaction Says:

    I rather like this checklist. It would certainly keep readers’ expectations in place in terms of that fine line between paranormal romance and urban fantasy, especially for those readers that assume ALL paranormal must have romance.

  4. Miss Bliss Says:

    YES! That would be SO awesome! This is one of my biggest complaints.

  5. Re WIlliams Says:

    I like the check list idea. I don’t like ‘hot and heavy’ romance very much so it’d save the irritation of sorting that type out.

    I own the Kitty books in German and I love German books. They use higher quality paper than US paperbacks and I like their covers too. A silhouette of Kitty in a skirt.

  6. Alan Kellogg Says:

    “Action Packed” and “Funny”

    Not in my experience. Amusing and angstful is more like it. For all her self assurance Kitty has issues. Still, I must remember that Brits are a shy and retiring people. 🙂

  7. Doruk Says:

    Not all that much angst compared to most of the rest in the genre…

  8. carriev Says:

    I think Brits prefer “reserved.” And I’m with Doruk. Compared to much of the genre, Kitty is downright chipper.

  9. Mike H Says:

    Are all paperbacks that expensive in UK? I paid 7.99 USD. Isn’t the UK price equivalent to like 11~12 USD?

  10. LadySilverRose*Wolf Says:

    “Are all paperbacks that expensive in UK?”
    Yep, the average UK price for a 300-450 page p/b is £6.99 – £7.99.

    Amazon are quite good price-wise: I paid £3.65, & had free postage! However, I hate that these sort of price cuts are putting great independent bookshops out of business, but then the retail prices are too high to start with…

  11. Lionus Says:

    Personally I’d like a Who | What | Where | When | Why computer listing at the front of a book store rather than trying to deduce the content of a hundred or so books lined up on the five shelves of a bookcase by reading the cryptic titles on their spines. ‘Young female talk show host | werewolves & vampires adventure | modern day US | Now | is a werewolf | is a lot more informative than just scanning those spines.

    After all, what are the chances of finding a book with a story in it about modern day werewolves with the name “Kitty” in the title? 😀

  12. Raye Says:

    Neat! That would really help me figure things out on some books… sometimes the cover is very misleading toward tone… 😀

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