today’s obsession

June 22, 2011

I’d meant to post earlier, but couldn’t decide what to write.  I’m a bit scatterbrained today.  Getting lots of little things done, but it doesn’t feel like it, you know?  I’ve finished the copyedits for Kitty 10 (Kitty Steals the Show), answered some emails and written some different blog posts, but mostly I’m distracted because I need to get ready for this weekend’s trip to New Orleans and the ALA meeting.  Distracted, I tell you!

But I found something cool.  So today I’ve been obsessed with Adam and the Ants’ “Prince Charming” video.  Great song that I can’t say I at all appreciated when it came out.  And the video is magnificent.  Right up there with the ballroom scene in Labyrinth for sheer OMG decadent costuming and presentation.  Love the stepsisters in drag, the fairy godmother, the story, everything.  Love love love.  I’ve seen it before, but today I watched it like five times in a row.

So, I started googling Adam Ant to find out Where Is He Now, as you do.  And I found his website.  He’s on tour!  OMG!  In England, bah.  But I also found out that he donated all his costumes to the V&A museum in London, which has them on display.  OMG!  Here’s an interview with both Adam and conservators at the V&A about costumes, preservation, conservation, and all that good stuff.  And I’ve decided that some black on black striped fabric I acquired yesterday really needs to be a frock coat.  With a corset underneath, and knickers and my riding boots (and some white face paint under my eyes I think…).  Oh, swoon!  I’ve got my next costuming project!

And that’s some insight into what happens when I procrastinate.  I can’t really complain about procrastination, because  I often learn really cool things and get really good ideas, so it can’t be all bad, right?  But yeah, I should be doing something else right about now.



14 Responses to “today’s obsession”

  1. Gus Hinrich Says:

    I assume you’re talking about American-style knickers for that costume. I guess I’ve been reading too much English fiction lately, ’cause it kinda startled me at first.

  2. carriev Says:

    Um, yeah — breeches. Knee-length pants. Er, trousers. Sorry.

  3. Re WIlliams Says:

    A tip for other overseas readers whose country blocks YouTube videos. Try:
    I could watch it there.

    Amazing costumes.

  4. Jakk Says:

    It is a great video, and he is actually a pretty decent actor as well as singer.

    Have fun at the ALA Meeting.

  5. Robert Says:

    He made some crazy videos and they are available on DVD now. I had to pick it up to rip them to my iPod. Room at the Top, Goody Two Shoes, and Prince Charming.

  6. Michael Says:

    if you ever get chance to go to London the V&A museum is worth a whole day alone. Also try to get to the Wallace collection, great armour, and The Tate Britian to see the “Lady of Shalot”.

  7. carriev Says:

    I’ve been to the V&A and the Tate. But it’s been awhile.

  8. Linda Wise Says:

    OMG! I was checking out your website, accidently hit the “blog” button, and found out that you are going to be in New Orleans this weekend at the ALA. My mom works at a library and several of her co-workers are going to be there! I am going to have her call them and tell them to MAKE SURE they stop by your booth. Just a week and a half ago one of those co-workers gave my mom your first Kitty book for me to read. I so enjoyed reading about Kitty that I ran out and bought the other 7. I’m in the middle of “Kitty goes to hell” at the moment. I am SOOO wishing I could be there to meet you; but Im going to have to settle for having one of them get your “pawprint” for me.

  9. Linda Wise Says:

    correction… thats “Kitty raises hell” ; In my exictment I misprinted the title..

  10. carriev Says:

    My ALA schedule should post today!

  11. Linda Wise Says:

    saw the schedule, told my mom so she can tell her coworkers. Have fun.

  12. Jessica G. Says:

    Oh, wow…I’m trying not to sound like a crazy-stalker-lady but I didn’t think anyone else obsessed over the ballroom scene in Labyrinth like I did/do. Even wrote a short story based on that. Because I’m a nerd.

  13. JeffW Says:

    Speaking as a frock coat veteran – let me know if you need any help.

  14. carriev Says:

    Jessica, sometimes I put the DVD in and just watch that scene. Also, if you don’t know about this, you should:

    I haven’t been yet, but one of these years I will.

    Jeff: I’ll let you know!

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