A couple of links…

June 20, 2011

Author L.A. Banks is ill, and a benefit auction is being held to help with medical expenses.  I’ve donated a book package — the latest three Kitty books plus CD’s of the playlists for them.  Leslie blurbed my first book, and we were on a panel together at DragonCon a few years ago.  We had an awesome time — because she is an awesome person. Go, find something cool, and bid on it!

Book recommendations:  a couple of books are out now that I’ve read/blurbed/enjoyed:

Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey.  Big spaceships FTW!

Spellcast by Barbara Ashford.  Fantasy + musical theater = awesome.

The next Wild Cards book, Fort Freak, is out this week.  I’m not in this one, but I’ll be rushing out to grab it ASAP…


5 Responses to “A couple of links…”

  1. Miss Bliss Says:

    OK…I got Spellcast for my Kindle because…summer stock+magic is just too good to pass up. I’ll save it for my vacation reading next week!

  2. Jakk Says:

    Grabbed my copy of Fort Freak the momment the doors opened today at my book store. I also saw Spellcast there as well, and may take a look at it for a future read.

    Thanks for the recomendations.

  3. DebbieW Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve added “Spellcast” to my wish list … looks interesting. Will also check out the eBay auction, although that could turn into a true test of my vow to not buy anything on eBay (too hard to just stop sometimes, ya know?) but that doesn’t mean I can make a regular donation.

    BTW, really enjoyed your comments yesterday on Genreality!! I have an idea of where you may be taking the end of the series, so someday (in the far FAR future, hopefully) I’ll see if it matched yours.

  4. Jacqie Says:

    I’m reading Leviathan Wakes and liking it a lot right now. Sci-fi book group selection for next year, maybe?

  5. spacecadette Says:

    I just finished “Leviathan Wakes” — really, really enjoyed it. Classic space opera!

    I’m glad it’s almost the 28th…need something wolfish to read.

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