May 27, 2011

New York City doesn’t particularly have a reputation for being beautiful.  Big, bustling, exciting, important, gritty, hip, and all that, yes.  But not beautiful.  Well, I think it’s beautiful.  This may be because I keep looking up, and I have a deep fondness for art deco design.

I could see this from my hotel room:

I still think it needs dirigibles.


7 Responses to “NYC”

  1. LupLun Says:

    Funny you should mention that. The Empire State Building was originally supposed to have a dirigible dock on the top floor. The airships would use the spire as a mooring mast, and passengers would be offloaded via a short, plank-like walkway, similar to the one used boarding a cruise ship. Only 1,250 feet above ground. Buffeted by updrafts.

    For some reason, this was deemed impractical and they turned the spire into a radio/tv transmitter instead.

    It’s actually even more impressive at night, because they installed floodlights in the 60’s that illuminate the spire in different colors, depending on the day. A local weekly magazine, Time Out New York, lists what the lights indicate. BTW, TONY is also a great source of things to do next time you’re in the city with time to kill. Note, however, that their reviewers, especially their film critics, tend towards the kind of snooty “indie good, mainstream bad” attitude common to magazines for the college/post-college set.

    The city can indeed be a beautiful place, though it depends on the day. Some days you meet talented buskers and street vendors peddling food with tempting smells, other days it’s panhandlers and the putrid reek of urine. I was only able to get into BEA for the DIY Author sub-conference last Saturday, and that was a reasonably good day. Sorry I couldn’t stop by to say hi. Next time. ^_^

  2. carriev Says:

    I was aware of the dirigible history, which is why I always mention it.

    Though I suddenly realize at this angle it looks like a giant death ray pointed at the incoming alien ships…

  3. Thomas Says:

    So cool! And yes New York needs dirigibles at least, if not all out steampunk. Hope you’re having fun! Enjoy your trip and don’t wear yourself out too much!

  4. LupLun Says:

    Never really thought of the Empire State Building as a death ray… although there was that one episode of Doctor Who where it was part of a Dalek plot. The way it towers over even the other skyscrapers, I always thought of it as New York’s middle finger, directed at the rest of the world. ^_^

  5. Steve Wheelock Says:

    It’s a subspectrum array, powered by an unseen bank of 12AX7 tachyon glow-tubes.

  6. G Says:

    My photos weren’t quite as close up, but I always take some as well. I especially love the Chrysler Building, though. And strangely enough, I was in a signing line behind a TO-NY staff writer who had been at the Scalzi/Westerfeld etc reading at the NYPL before. So at least they read the releases:).

  7. Dave Says:

    Don’t forget the giant gorillas!

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