springtime in the mountains

May 21, 2011


2 Responses to “springtime in the mountains”

  1. LupLun Says:

    Doesn’t look terribly vernal, I must say. And whoa, is that an avalanche running down the mountainside? Urk!

    I don’t envy whoever has to drive on those slushy, slippery, recently-defrosted roads, either. Give me city streets any day…

  2. Thomas Says:

    While it’d be nice for anytime during winter, frigid as it might look, it’s something strange (to me at least) for the middle of Spring and late May.

    I know you said something about snow for the last three days on your facebook. It makes me wonder where you are… and if you’re at home (which is probably the case) I’m startled because we might have gotten a lot of rain in Aurora and Denver this last week, but no snow, definitely not any snow.

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