May 9, 2011

Thor nominally passed the Bechdel Test in the very first scene.

The second scene had Vikings.

So you have to realize, I was completely in love with this movie before we even got to the plot.

Moving on, the entire first act is this awesome uber fantasy D&D adventure quest with very high level warriors and a mage in a super-awesome computer-generated Asgard full of iconic imagery like water flowing off the edge of the world against a nebula-spattered star scape.  It’s Jack Kirby’s Asgard.  I was so excited my friends had to tell me to stop bouncing.

The story was simple and got the job done, which I appreciated.  It held together.  It had emotion and consequence.  The action bounced back and forth between Earth and Asgard, which was fine, because the story was about how events in one realm impacted the other.  There was a moment where I thought, “Well, that’s kind of a deus ex machina.”  Then I thought, “Well of course it is!”

I want Loki’s trenchcoat.

Chris Hemsworth is a delight and joy as Thor.  He’s got the build, the attitude, the presence.  The ripped body.  The ginger beard. . .those searing blue eyes. . .that amazing smile. . .the hand kissing. . .the wet t-shirt in the rain. . .did I mention the utterly disarming smile. . .erf. . .yum. . .yeah. . . . . . . . . .

I also still have a huge crush on Agent Colson because he’s so damned competent, and I love that.

I have to say something about The Avengers now, because I think this may be the biggest movie project since Lord of the Rings.  What Marvel Films has to do:  Make 5-6 movies (depending on how you count the Iron Man movies) that all hit a similar tone — humorous, exciting, heroic — that each stands alone and yet ties together as chapters in a larger epic.  When the project was first announced, after the wild success of Iron Man, I was skeptical.  Could they actually maintain some kind of continuity and keep the momentum going to A) get down each character’s story, and B) tie it all together in a real honest-to-God Avengers movie?

Well, I think they’re going to do it.  They’ve nailed two characters.  They’re throwing in more easter eggs than a bunny convention (I’m so glad I brought my comics buddy along to explain things like Hawkeye’s cameo).  The movies are planting MacGuffins, and I have no doubt they’ll pay off down the road.  They’ve earned my trust.  The Captain America trailers look amazing — iconic, atmospheric.  I’m pretty much sold.  What’s more, at this point I CANNOT WAIT to see Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man together in a movie.  Those two will positively hate each other.  And yet they’ll get the job done, because they’re THE AVENGERS!  It’ll be awesome.  I hope.

Fingers crossed…


17 Responses to “Thor”

  1. sef Says:

    I was quite disappointed. While I think Hemsworth is very godlike, Loki didn’t make a great villain, and there was too much talking and setup. Hopkins looked like he hated being there, and Colson didn’t make a whole lot of sense in a world with very real super-heroes.

    I missed many easter eggs, I’m sure. I caught Thor’s “alter ego,” and that did make me laugh. I was the only one in the theatre, though, who did.

  2. Jakk Says:

    I loved the movie. It had me hooked pretty much at the start. Darcy was funny as the silly sidekick, and Thor, Loki and Odin were all well done. Lots of fun easter eggs(the casket is the Casket of Ancient Winters from Walt Simonson’s famous run on Thor from the 80’s, for one) and the scene at the end brings hope that Loki will be the villan of the Avengers, as it should be(he is the reason in the comics they were all brought together for the first time).
    Just Captain America for July and next year we get the Avengers, Directed by Joss Whedon(of Buffy and Firefly fame). =) Sorry, my inner comic-fan is in happy mood after this week.

  3. Jakk Says:

    Oh…one of the OTHER Avengers was in Thor as well as well, played by Jeremy Renner(of the Hurt Locker)in a extended cameo scene.

  4. Thomas Says:

    Sounds like an awesome movie. Unfortunately I did not get to see it this weekend, but thankfully the review doesn’t have any spoilers. You’re really good about flagging your spoilers though.

    Still hoping to go see it at some point. Maybe this weekend after I get paid.

    Glad that you had fun on your trip and that you sound like you made it home safely!

  5. ArcLight Says:

    I was never much of a Thor reader but saw enough positive advance reviews that I figured I’d go see it.

    Glad I did. Cast was great. Asgard looked amazing. Kept getting a serious ‘Lori Petty’ vibe from Kat Dennings’s Darcy. Overall I really enjoyed it.

    Kinda wish I’d been able to see it in 2D, tho.

  6. carriev Says:

    I saw it in 2-D. I really try to pay attention to whether it’s actually filmed in 3-D or done in post production. I imagine Asgard looked great in 3-D, but the rest of the film didn’t need it.

  7. The movie was not bad but it was not great either. For a supposedly all powerful God-like Hero, Thor doesn’t feel nor look that powerful in the movie.

  8. Alejandra Says:

    I hated Thor. There’s my $0.02. However, I did enjoy Tom Hiddleston’s Shakespearean charm.

  9. Mike H Says:

    Interesting double standard I’m seeing here. When images of the new Wonder Woman were released, a certain author ranted about how dare they make WW sexy. And yet when you described Thor in your post, you comment on “His body…his body…his body….his body….I’m aroused.” So girl superheroes can’t be sexy for guys, but guys can be for girls. Pffft!

  10. carriev Says:

    Mike: The difference is I can actually believe that Thor can look sexy _and_ kick ass. I’m admiring both.

    Female superheroes only seem designed to look sexy. It’s hard taking them seriously when they’re dressed in latex and unable to run convincingly.

  11. Max Says:

    Mike H – two things

    First, I don’t think you read the WW post right. She wasn’t mad that WW was sexy. She was pointing out (and correctly) that the cheap ass vinyl POS costume looked like WW was heading in to the studio for the DP+facial scene.

    Second, and here’s where I think you’re really falling down… There’s a difference between sexy and completely sexualized. They can overlap a little, but like “delicious” and “healthy” the overlap is not 100%. Thor might have been sexy but he was absolutely not being presented as something that was intended to be purely a sex object. With that WW costume, there was no question; it was not a practical crime-fighting outfit, it was nothing but titillation. It was a porn costume.

    I don’t want to put words in Carrie’s mouth, but I suspect she’ll agree here: Superhero girls absolutely can be sexy for guys, just like superhero guys can be sexy for girls. Rogue was HOT in the tight leather, but that wasn’t the only trait that we were given. And it didn’t look like it was headed from Fredericks of Hollywood and straight to the porn shoot.

    I hope you can see the difference.

  12. Joey C Says:

    I saw Thor.

    I started collecting comics when I was 12, and managed a complete run of the Thor run in Journey Into Mystery by the time I was 16. And the movie was faithful to it to a much higher degree than I thought possible. So there’s kudos there.

    But much more importantly, it was a good movie. The characters were all credible to me, it had moments of great pathos and it had moments of ultimate ass-kickery. The effects were not the centerpiece, but rather contributed to the story… which is rare, these days. Elements introduced in act 1 became important in act 3, and they didn’t insult our intelligence by flashing back on them just before they mattered. The writing was careful and precise – Hawkeye had maybe 5 lines, but with those his character was established and likable.

    There were things in the movie that were kind of bonuses and flourishes for the comic fans. I have no idea how many people noticed that Hawkeye was in fack Hawkeye, for example. Or how many people noticed and recognized the Cosmic Cube?

    But most interestingly to me, they managed to actually make Loki a sympathetic character. I had no idea that would even be possible without changing the nature of his villainy on a fundamental level. But there it was. He was presented in such a way that you could almost empathize with his fall.

    Overall, this movie is in my list of top 5 superhero movies ever. It’s all opinion, I know… but MY opinion is extremely favorable.

  13. Mike H Says:

    Thank you Max & Carrie for your polite disagreements with me. And I do see the point you make. For what it’s worth, my post was a bit of a devil’s advocate position. I do believe a female superhero should be built more like Brandi Chastain than Linda Lovelace. For what it’s worth DEK’s train wreck in the making was not picked up by NBC ( Perhaps WB will offer the project to someone more appropriate.

  14. carriev Says:

    Yeah, I saw that about Wonder Woman. I’m a little sad, because this is the one superhero it seems like no one wants to touch.

    I guess I get a little prickly because there _is_ a double standard, but the double standard is in Hollywood’s complete inability to make a convincing movie about a superheroine.

  15. David Bowles Says:

    Carrie, it’s especially upsetting because Wonder Woman gets nailed in animation. Also, last time I checked, the movies Alien and Aliens did well are are highly regarded. I don’t understand why that kind of writing can’t be carried into the female superhero realm. Makes zero sense.

  16. Robert Says:

    Thanks for your comment about Agent Colson’s competence. One of my pet peeves is how so many films highlight the heroes coolness by making the supporting cast look like keystone cops.

    On a related note. I think truly great adventure stories are held up by great villains. I love to see movies where the bad guy has made contingency plans that directly counter the good guys first obvious shots at him.

  17. vsint shendy Says:

    I swear, yesterday I was watching the movie cool

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