random previous travel pic for you

May 6, 2011

Not much travel, really.  This is only an hour or so drive from where I live.  Rocky Mountain National Park, off Trail Ridge Road.  Nice, huh?


4 Responses to “random previous travel pic for you”

  1. Kim Power Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. No wonder you love it and Kitty thrills to run there I’m sure.

  2. Re WIlliams Says:

    Now that makes me nostalgic. My first visit to Rocky Mountain National Park I was -4 months old. Every third year our whole family piled into a huge old Ford van and drove two days from Michigan to Colorado. Growing up I kept begging my parents to move to the mountains …. now they live in Nebraska LOL.

  3. My wife and I went there for our honeymoon (we stayed in a bed and breafast in Allenspark). We singed up for a bike ride down Trail Ridge Road — before we acrtually drove it. Good thing, too, because I doubt we’d have signed up for it if we had driven it first…a little scary. But wow, was the bike ride fun.

    RMNP is so pretty.

  4. Cat G. Says:

    Gorgeous view. Also, not to go totally fanboi on you, but I just finished After the Golden Age. I want to cry now. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m shocked if you don’t already have someone talking to you about movie rights.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, you’re a genius, and that novel is Art.

    Ahem. Apparently I did just fanboi.

    The Rockies are gorgeous. I spent a month working up around Craig/Hayden one winter – I thought about moving back but the altitude kills me. (I went from Florida (what altitude) to where I was regularly going up or down roughly 1000 feet in altitude just between the hotel and work.) Fun times, and I never even got to do anything touristy. But gorgeous.

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