albino blackbird and RMPRS

April 22, 2011

Yesterday, while walking Lily by the pond, I spotted a flash of pure white.  It was odd — this region doesn’t have any songbird-sized, pure-white birds.  What was it?  Escaped dove?  Piece of trash?

Turns out, it was an albino red-winged blackbird.  I went looking for it again this morning, to take a picture, and got one.  He appears to be full albino, with pink eyes — and those flashy red wing patches.  How did that happen?  He’s out singing and displaying with the other males.  I can’t tell if he’s having luck, or if his oddness is working against him.

I got a rough picture with my little camera:

I’d meant to give these guys a plug on my Starfest post earlier:  The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society does presentations at Starfest every year.  I try to catch them when I can, because they’re really good — I always learn something new.  And they’re sensible — they ask, “What’s causing this?” rather than assume it’s a ghost.  This year they gave a presentation on Cheesman Park, that perennial paranormal goldmine.  (In Kitty Raises Hell, the Paradox PI crew investigates the park.)  This was the partial inspiration for the film Poltergeist — formerly a cemetery, when the area was transformed into a park and residential neighborhood, the graves were not, how shall we say, removed in an appropriate manner.  There are still bodies being discovered, as they were a couple of years ago at the neighboring Botanic Gardens.


6 Responses to “albino blackbird and RMPRS”

  1. Beth Robinson Says:

    What a beautiful bird! Thanks for the photo – I’ve never seen an albino red-wing black bird before.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Awesome pic! The presentation on Cheesman Park sounds really interesting. Not so sure I’d want to be there after dark (especially around midnight) if bodies are still being found.

    I just finished Steel and it is an amazing book! It also most definitely lived up to it’s cover art. The whole story was fabulous and I really liked the jokes in the Attack chapter as well as the glossary of terms at the end.

    Lastly I’m glad you did the bit that you just couldn’t resist doing (as said in the author’s note), it brought the story to life even more. Makes me wonder if I’ve seen a bit of what ended up in your author’s note on here before.

  3. musicalmom Says:

    Lovely picture, Carrie.

  4. tim Says:

    Looks like the same bird I photographed with my little camera at Twin Lakes Inn NE of Boulder on May 5th. Was you photo taken at Cheeseman Park, or elsewhere?

    Tim Gibson

  5. carriev Says:

    That sounds like the one.

    It wasn’t at Cheesman.

  6. Just had one of these at my birdfeeder this AM! Thought it was an albino, but, looked it up and was happy to see this picture. I hope it comes back!

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