dialog with a vacuum cleaner

April 20, 2011

Me:  Lily’s away for the weekend.  Must vacuum before she comes home, because she hates the vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner:  You know, if you really want to vacuum you’re going to have to clean all that stuff off the floor.

Me:  Holy cow, where did all that come from?

VC:  Well, when you came back from the weekend, did you put your things away or did you just dump them here?

Me:  I. . .er. . .hey!  Squirrel!

VC:  So, are you going to clean it up now so we can get to work or what?

Me:  I don’t wanna.  Maybe we can just vacuum around the stuff.

VC:  Hmph.  Might as well not vacuum at all.

Me:  What a great idea!  Fabulous!


8 Responses to “dialog with a vacuum cleaner”

  1. LupLun Says:

    I hear you. This is the way my desk gets piled inches deep full of notes, bills, and miscellaneous Very Important Papers.

    I tell myself that a cluttered desk is the sign of a healthy mind, but sometimes that just don’t fly…

  2. Jakk Says:

    I pull out the vacuum, and i never hear it. Instead i hear my dog deciding it is the most evil thing ever created and barking ensues…

  3. Re WIlliams Says:

    LOL. Glad to know I’m not the only one allergic to that tool. (says the woman whose carpets match the cats sometimes due to hair build up)

  4. Miss Bliss Says:

    My vacuum has been abandoned in the laundry room for so long that it’s no longer speaking to me. Good thing I’m cool with that.

  5. Thomas Says:

    I feel the same way too sometimes. I’ll clean everything else all day long but when it’s time to vacuum I try to avoid it… least favorite cleaning I like to do.

    In other news I finally got my copy of Steel in the mail. Two shipments and a month later… at least I got it. So far it’s an amazing book!

  6. Dustin Says:

    I vacuum around. . . You mean that doesn’t count and I have been lying to my family about the fact that I vacuum my room every month?!

  7. Joe Says:

    I hate to stereotype, but I think all of those Vacuums’ think the same, I have had exactly, word for word, the same conversation with mine.

  8. Mrs_H Says:

    My vacuum caught on fire.
    Flames shooting out from under.
    Scorched the carpet.
    Tossed it outside.
    All is well.

    That was 2 years ago.
    Thinking about shopping.
    The thought passed.
    Back to reading.

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