Your Highness

April 10, 2011

I’m absolutely shocked.

Okay, so in the first scene, the “bad” brother is about to be hanged by the dwarven king.  Things look bleak.  Sure enough, the platform drops, Thaddeus falls — and hits the ground before the rope goes taut.  Because it’s dwarves.  It was silly, predictable, and I thought:  You know, that’s actually pretty clever.

Next scene, we meet the maiden the “good” brother has rescued from the tower where she’s been imprisoned her whole life.  She’s trying to comb her hair with a fork, because she’s never seen one before — because she’s spent her whole life imprisoned in a tower.  And I thought:  This movie has done two clever things in five minutes.  Holy crap.

Then, fifteen minutes in, I thought:  This feels like playing a pretty good Dungeons and Dragons campaign with the crassest, rudest people I know.  Because you see, I’ve actually played Dungeons and Dragons with people/characters who would cut the genitalia off a minotaur and wear it around their necks as a trophy.

Then, twenty minutes in, a little voice in my head whispered:  I think I like this movie.

Essentially, Your Highness is nine gagillion times better than the actual Dungeons and Dragons movie that came out awhile back.  I know!  Totally shocked!

The thing that made it for me:  this wasn’t actually a full-on parody.  Everybody played their parts straight — it wouldn’t have worked if they hadn’t.  It made the whole thing an actual fantasy quest adventure story — in which everybody swears like a sailor and makes very crass jokes — with some actual honest-to-goodness spooky/scary fantasy quest moments. (The labyrinth, that hand monster, the mothers…)  It may even be better plotted than the last three movies I’ve seen.

Mind you, this isn’t to say it’s actually a good movie, if you know what I mean.  But I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.

I have to wonder, though:  Is this movie going to appeal to anyone who hasn’t a) played way too much D&D, or b) spent their childhoods mainlining movies like Willow and Beastmaster?



11 Responses to “Your Highness”

  1. Jakk Says:

    Sadly, that discription of a AND b fits me perfectly. Add the Dark Crystal,Labyrith and Legend, and my childhood is complete.

  2. Todd Says:

    Huh. Might have to go check it out. I used to play D&D every Friday before SCA archery moved to that night, so I can relate. Not to mention that our group ranged from total crass to Paladinesque players who wouldn’t swear if they rolled ten “1’s” in a row. I still have fond memories of Daisy Sue the half orc….

  3. Dustin Says:

    Oh gawd the D&D movie you linked to was awful! I much prefer that other one. . . Wrath of the Dragon God was it? Was pretty solid for having a budget lower than my allowance(I am exaggerating of course!).

    Anyways this has piqued my interest. Mayhaps I should check it out.

  4. Adam. Says:

    Surely every D&D campaign has a character who would wear a jacket made form kobald nipples (you know who you are)…

    If someone told me there was a quest movie about a young Bedouin boy who travels into the desert to collect camel poo so his mother can make a fire and boil water for tea, I would automatically assume that it was a better film than the original D&D movie.

    Wrath of the Dragon God was indeed much better (mentioning no Luxx the Barbarians in particular 😉 )

  5. cphaurckker Says:

    this review, along with what I read on io9, suggests that, all evidence to the contrary, this movie might actually be more clever than it appears.

    Of course, my current RPG group has a couple of players who would totally behave as described.

  6. Dawn Says:

    My husband and I decided to see it based entirely on your review and were not disappointed. Man that was fun.

  7. Jakk Says:

    Are you going to review Hanna next, Carrie?

  8. carriev Says:

    I don’t know…if I manage to get out to see it…

  9. Andrew Says:

    Everything I’ve read about this movie suggests that it’s one of those movies that goes in the “love it but don’t want to admit it category.” Even the “bad” reviews give a nod to the LCD humor. As for gaming, I’m pretty sure I’ve been part of a moment that makes all the rest of yours seem like Disney by comparison. And no, I’m not going to put the image in your minds.

  10. Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    Huh. I was planning on avoiding this completely, but am now reconsidering.

    I was planning on seeing Hannah this past weekend, but got sick instead. Hopefully this upcoming weekend.

  11. Donna Says:

    Oh dear. I played D&D, Loved Willow & Labyrinth. HATED Your Highness. I think I may be scarred for life. My husband loved it but he also liked Dumb & Dumber. Glad you got a kick out of it.

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