not so lazy Sunday

April 3, 2011

This morning, Lily spent about five minutes playing with a tiny ball of fluff.  Just fluff that she found on the floor somewhere.  Sometimes, I think that dog just ain’t right.

I stayed up late last night to finish Erikson’s The Crippled God, the last book in his epic fantasy series.  How did he do that?  I can’t believe [spoiler redacted] Bent and Roach actually survived.  Whew.  Now what am I going to read?  Don’t have a clue…  I’ve been wanting to read Anthony Bourdain’s books for awhile because I love his show.  Snarky foodie may very well be the exact opposite of Erikson, so it may be time give him a try.

Spring is kind of sputtering here.  The weather has warmed up, but it’s been far too windy to enjoy.  We haven’t had a good snow in a couple of months, and barely any precipitation at all, which means things are very, very dry.  We’d already had a couple of serious wildfires.  It’s way too early in the year for that.  We usually get at least one really big, wet, heavy spring snowfall, and we desperately need it this year.  I keep looking west for the gathering clouds, and they keep blowing away before they have a chance to storm.


5 Responses to “not so lazy Sunday”

  1. Miss Bliss Says:

    I REALLY enjoyed “Kitchen Confidential”. He can be a really good writer. A friend of mine told me that his other books are a little uneven but still good reads.

  2. carriev Says:

    In an episode of “No Reservations” he did a mini-documentary on writing “Kitchen Confidential” and how its success changed his life (like getting the show, for one thing). He struck me as being a “real” writer, someone who’s really interested in communicating, rather than a “celebrity” writer who gets ghost writers, etc.

  3. Thomas Says:

    It stormed pretty good here in Aurora on Saturday. Snowed pretty hard for a few hours and all too. It obviously didn’t storm enough though considering all the snow was off the streets when I woke up this morning. I do hope that the snow did help the wildfires though.

  4. Doruk Says:

    We lived in NYC for years, yet one of the best restaurants we found was thanks to that show, just a couple of months before we moved ;P

  5. Scottc Says:

    I just read another chef’s memoir, “Blood, Bones and Butter” by Gabrielle Hamilton, which Bourdain raves about and which I liked even better than his books. Her childhood reads like an early John Irving novel, only less structured. Congrats on your publishing success–I just happened to pick up “After the Golden Age” and it’s great so far.

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