Colorado Teen Literature Conference tomorrow

April 1, 2011

I’m so afraid to post anything today, in case people think it’s a joke.  I’m not really any good at April Fool’s Day jokes, because I’m a terrible liar.

This is not a joke:  Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Colorado Teen Literature Conference, on the Local Author Panel at 9:30 am.  Holy cow, I have to set my alarm…


6 Responses to “Colorado Teen Literature Conference tomorrow”

  1. LupLun Says:

    Tell me about it. >_< This is my least favorite day of the year, it's impossible to trust anyone about anything. I've half a mind to lock myself in my room until the FAILstorm passes.

    Have fun tomorrow, and don't let the pranksters get to you.

  2. Jakk Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Have a great weekend.

  3. Jules Says:

    Strangely enough I just assigned one of your short stories to a student I’m tutoring…
    Have fun at the Conference!

  4. Mike H Says:

    In separate news, the Wonder Woman costume has been redesigned. The vinyl pants have been replaced by cloth and of a darker shade of blue. Boots that don’t have stilleto heels. And the hooker-red lipstick is gone.

    Having said that, I suspect the costume is merely indicative of a deeper problem. They merely treated a symptom, but I suspect the underlying chauvanism and sexism remains.

  5. Jim Van Pelt Says:

    Hi, Carrie. Normally I attend this conference, but I won’t be there this year. I’m not speaking, and we’re trying to save money (two boys in college).

  6. carriev Says:

    They had your books on sale, Jim!

    It was my first time there…met lots of people!

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