STEEL is out today!

March 15, 2011

My personal life kind of took over this weekend.  Got nothing done, including blogging.  But I could not stay quiet today, because Steel is finally out in the wild!

And it suddenly occurred to me that this book has an awful lot of rum in it for a YA novel.  But you know, I had to be historically accurate.

Speaking of which, I’ve also been thinking about how when people think of pirates, at least in fiction, they almost exclusively imagine the so-called “golden age” of piracy which lasted from about 1716 to 1724 in the Caribbean.  That period was instantly immortalized in story and legend.  A General History of the Pyrates was published in 1724 and was written, many believe, by Daniel Defoe.  Almost every story about pirates in the Caribbean can be traced back to this book.  I think this period had something of a “perfect storm” that contributed to its romantic aura:  a lot of out-of-work privateers, the vast wealth being generated in the Caribbean at this time, and a newly burgeoning popular culture hungry for stories.  What’s amazing is how the mystique keeps going.  It’s become an archetype, like the Old West or Arthurian Britain.

Really, pirates have existed at all times and in all seas.  Wherever and whenever people have shipped goods by boat, there’ve been pirates.  At some point, I think I’d like to write about some of those other times and places.  For Steel, though, I really wanted to put my own stamp on the classic “golden age” pirate story.


13 Responses to “STEEL is out today!”

  1. Jim Van Pelt Says:

    Congrats on the book’s debut, Carrie! Very cool.

  2. Miss Bliss Says:

    YAY for release day!

  3. Liz Kreger Says:

    Congrats on your release. I’ll have to see about picking up Steel. Was planning on a trip to B&N tonight anyway. LOL.

  4. Adam. Says:

    Nothing wrong with there being lots of rum in anything…

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Unlike a lot of book covers that end up showing the female protagonist in a silly/slutty outfit they would never wear in the book. You managed to actually get an awesome book cover. Sure I think she’s holding it a bit wrong but it sure does look awesome, and it doesn’t make me think, the marketing department is trying to use sex to sell your work.

  6. Joe Says:

    read this in one sitting, very pleasant, thank you so much for taking the time to tell us a story.

  7. Bradford Says:

    That’s very interesting about the “Golden Age” of piracy. You’ve made me want to read your book!

    By the way, I really enjoyed Voices of Dragons.

  8. Thomas Says:

    Yay! Congrats on the release! It shipped today and will be the next book I read. Now just to ask for the day off for your next signing in Denver so I can get my Shiny book signed!

  9. E. A. V. Says:

    Hooray! It’s here! It’s here! It in my hands! Bwahahaha! *dances with giddiness*

  10. Kellie Says:

    Ahhh, this isn’t at the store I work at yet. Can’t wait though!

  11. Jakk Says:

    Steel was a nice, fun novel. This could easily be made into a childrens/young teen movie, and the fight scenes were well done.

    Thank you.

    PS: Will you be writing more Wild Card short stories for future reprint novels? Die-Hard WC fan here.

  12. carriev Says:

    Wild Cards — maybe. Depends on where the series goes from here.

  13. Danae Says:

    Do I happen to have a chance with a sequel to steel? Maybe another visit back in time? I would totally freaking luv that!

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