March 6, 2011

Look what I found at the supermarket!


6 Responses to “supermarket!”

  1. wygit Says:

    Elizabeth Lowell’s new book is out? Awesome!

    ok, for real, congratulations!

    It must be a real thrill to see your name at the supermarket like that. Is this the first time?
    (I don’t know if Kitty is supermarket fare or not.)

  2. carriev Says:

    Kitty books have in fact appeared in the supermarket. But I really wasn’t expecting this one to!

  3. Astres Says:

    I saw this one at my supermarket too! You’re invading American AND Canadian supermarket-ville.

  4. ArcLight Says:

    And since people in a supermarket already have food on their mind, a book with ‘Apple’ in the title is a sure thing!

  5. Mike B Says:

    I saw Discord’s at Target. After the Golden Age recieved 4.5 stars and was a top pick in Romatic Times Magazine this month. Congratulations!

  6. Carol Says:

    dragged my cold-ridden self to the store on the 3rd to look for DA but there were none to be found. Checked on the computer, none in the city (Vancouver, BC). Canada’s large chain (Chapter/Indigo) lets you search for which store has the book in stock. A perfunctory search online shows that other than a stack at the Worlds Biggest Bookstore in Toronto (that’s what the place is named, don’t nitpick facts with me! 8-), there’s none in the rest of the whole country (still, just checked again). 8-(

    coughing, sneezing AND book deprived. 8-( 😎

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