February 12, 2011

It’s Saturday, which doesn’t mean a whole lot — I don’t really have weekends.  When I say I write every day, I really mean it.  And when I’m in the throes of a big project — like revising a novel, copyedits, etc., I keep going through the weekend because I want to get it done.  Of course, I sometimes take time off in the middle of the week.  If I finish a project on Tuesday, I may slack off Wednesday.  It’s nice, being able to do that.

But lo and behold, I have finished a big project — revising Kitty 10 — on Friday, so I’m sitting here on Saturday thinking, “Holy cow, what do I do?”  Forgetting that a lot of people get Saturday off and that this is actually normal.  Deep, slow breaths.  Stay calm.

Of course, I now have that gigantic list of things to do that I’ve been putting off until I finished the revisions… THE MADNESS NEVER ENDS.

In TV catch-up news:  I still love Castle.  Last week’s episode had a couple of nice writer-life moments.  I finally saw the latest Doctor Who Christmas Special and loved it, from the steampunk to Michael Gambon and spaceships and everything.  Saw the first episode of the new BBC science fiction show Outcasts and the horrifically bad dialog made me want to strangle someone — and I’m the person with a really high tolerance for crap like that if you’ve shown me a really pretty spaceship, which they did, so that tells you something.  Also, there were a few bad story choices that I think show weakness of resolve.  But that’s just me.


16 Responses to “weekends”

  1. Beccy H Says:

    I’m in two minds as to whether to continue with Outcasts or give up now, but they did have the guts to kill apparently significant characters … hmmmn

  2. Azoka Says:

    yay for kitty 10 revisions. Does that mean we get 2 kitties this year? *prays*

  3. carriev Says:

    Azoka, you’re already getting 2 Kitties this year! See right>>>>>>


    I got the feeling “Outcasts” was trying to be like the new “Battlestar Galactica,” but they’d only watched the fourth season of it… And I wondered if they brought Jamie Bamber on to draw in an audience, but didn’t want to keep him around, and that’s why that character died. If I’d been writing it, Mitchell would have killed his son, and Karina would have survived. A character whose husband tried to kill her and succeeded in killing their son before committing suicide by cop is *way* more interesting than a 5 year old orphan, which is just maudlin.

    Of course, this is really one of the least of the show’s problems.

  4. Miss Bliss Says:

    I am SO in love with Castle. I may start over from the beginning so I can watch it some more. Um…obsessive much? yeah.

  5. Debbie W Says:

    So how long do we have to wait for the TITLE to Kitty #10?

  6. carriev Says:

    I have a title, but I’m waiting to make sure the editor likes it before I announce it. Maybe I’ll get a release date soon, too.

    It’s fun going back to earlier episodes. I didn’t like Martha at first, but she’s really really grown on me over time. Going back — she’s just the same in the early episodes, so it just took me time to get to like her. Also, Beckett’s hair changes a lot…

  7. Beccy H Says:

    Yes, I was expecting the boy to die and Carina to survive.

    I have wondered how Beckett finds the time to have all those hair do’s.

  8. Miss Bliss Says:

    The many hairstyles of Beckett have been pretty amusing but the clothes have been rather annoying now and then. I mean the heels have actually been incorporated as a character joke so I’ve grown to be ok with them. But I swear there’s one episode where they put her in some sort of leggings or something…it was beyond stupid for a NYC cop of ANY KIND. But in truth it’s only happened a couple of times so I shouldn’t complain too much.

  9. Ramenth Says:

    If memory serves that was one of the episodes where she was called to a scene from somewhere else without time to change.

  10. Adam. Says:

    Outcasts made a number of practical errors with the situation.

    All of their guns are basically anti-personnel weapons, it’s as if they were expecting to be fighting each other. Assuming that you have no idea of the local fauna before you set out, you should be packing something that you’re confident will take out the apex predator in one or two shots. And unless you know better you have to assume it’s a three ton Grizzly. The British army’s standard issue rifle isn’t exactly known for it’s reliability and low maintenance requirements.

    The only knife (single most useful survival tool) seen has been a small boot dagger.

    Oh. I’ve dropped my kit down a not-radically-steep cliff. The nearest Army&Navy store is 14 light-years that way. Oh well, we’ll just leave our irreplaceable gear down there then…

    Apparently Engineers have different problems with Sci-Fi shows. Beyond the plotting issues and the dialogue, “their equipment’s dumb”.

  11. carriev Says:

    Adam: exactly. They laid out this rather nice SF situation — and then did absolutely nothing with it, didn’t do a lick of extrapolation. We were also yelling at the TV when he didn’t go after his gear. Esp. since him tripping was such an obviously stupid contrived excuse for him to lose his gear.

    It was like they intended to do this soap opera cop show all along, and only set it on another planet to try to pander to the geek audience. But they’re doing it wrong!

  12. Adam. Says:

    Oh dear. Thinking the trip through just a little further, there’s no way he should have been that near to the edge.

    It’s dodgy on Earth where there is the possiblity of an Air-Ambulance to take you to hospital. On Carpathia there’s no sign of any kind of vehicle (not even a dugout canoe on the lake). So if you injure yourself when you fall it’s then up to tiny-girl-cop to scramble down the cliff, drag your carcass up to the path and carry you home.

    Colony-World-Boy should be naturally more carefull than that by now.

  13. Michael Ash Says:

    Hi, as someone that did effects for this show I really don’t know what to say.
    Sorry is all I can come up with. 🙂
    When I watched the first episode I missed the first few minutes of the show and thought I had missed an entire hour. I had no idea what was going on and I already knew the plot!
    That’s not a good sign.
    They tried to be all Battle Star Galacticky and failed.
    And it dosen’t get better as it goes along.
    Good news though, looks like there will only ever be 8 episodes.
    Carrie I’ve never meet you and If I ever get back to Caer Galen I’ll say hi.
    Trust me just never sell your books rights to Hollywood.
    It’s like selling your baby on Craigslist. 🙂

  14. carriev Says:

    Hi Michael —
    No apology necessary! The colony ship was gorgeous — I think as someone who really likes meaty science fiction, it was disappointing to see a show with such a great science fictional concept go on to not do anything really science fictional with it…

  15. Michael Ash Says:

    By meaty Science fiction do you mean by concept or technically accurate science fiction?

    A few films are coming out that you may be interested in:

    No idea if the story is good but the trailer is pretty. It’s an independent film so you will have to look for it.

    The Adjustment Bureau

    If you see the trailer and think “Gee this looks like a Philip K. Dick Story” there’s a good reason.

  16. carriev Says:

    Mostly concept, but technical accuracy helps.

    “Gattaca” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” are two of my favorite SF films of the last 20 years. “Pandorum” was also amazingly good. They set up these science fiction situations — spaceships, unrealistic technology, futuristic dystopias — and extrapolate in a realistic way, trying to answer the questions of “what would really happen in this situation? How did we get here? What happens next? How does it affect people?”

    On the other side are things like “Event Horizon” and “Sunshine” which started out promising but turned into stupid horror movies.

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