winter music

February 10, 2011

Hm.  It’s winter, isn’t it?  With a vengeance.  In protest, I have been wearing T-shirts.  And thick, woolly sweaters.

I have word that the mass market paperback of Discord’s Apple should be in stores soon.  Go forth and spread the word!

For the last year or so I’ve been listening to Clockwork Cabaret, a steampunk radio show.  I love it ’cause it’s quirky, and because I’ve been discovering lots of new music through it.  Heck, the last six albums or so I’ve bought have been of bands I first heard on the podcast.  This week, the Cabaret introduced me to Parov Stelar, which I’m thinking is a sort of techno ragtime.  I’m getting some story ideas…



One Response to “winter music”

  1. aaron heil Says:

    thank you again for mentioning The clockwork cabaret. I’ve been a faithful listener since I discovered them when you mentioned them before. what a great station period.

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