an experiment — the Steel playlist

January 19, 2011

For Steel I didn’t really have a formal playlist.  Instead, I had a station on Pandora that I listened to almost exclusively while writing it, and it became the playlist.  Lots of Great Big Sea, Gaelic Storm, Tim O’Brien.  It worked really well.

Pandora has a link that will let you share stations with other people.  Unfortunately, it’s not a straight-up link, it’s an e-mail.  But I’m going to post it here and hope that maybe you all will be able to access it.  It’s an experiment.  Let me know if it works, ‘kay?  (I think you do need to have a Pandora account for this to work.)

Steel Soundtrack on Pandora.

If that doesn’t work, here’s one of my favorite songs from the station:


12 Responses to “an experiment — the Steel playlist”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Awesome song! I’ll have to take a look at the experiment as it sounds interesting. Especially since I really like Celtic music and Gaelic Storm. Though I will have to sign up for Pandora to try it.

    I so can’t wait for Steel. Sounds and looks amazing.

  2. Dawn Says:

    The link worked for me. It just added your station to my Pandora account’s list of stations (not in a way I can edit, obviously). Thanks!

  3. carriev Says:

    Oh good! Experiment successful!

  4. Dawn Says:

    Actually, while I can’t add new seeds, I can still thumbs up and down things. That seems to create a new station with the same seeds and not alter yours, though, so not really an “edit.”

  5. mike Says:

    In reference to a previous post, you half got your wish. Anne Hathaway is not WW but she is Catwoman

  6. Miss Bliss Says:

    I adore Great Big Sea! So cool that was part of your soundtrack for this book.

  7. carriev Says:

    Yes, I feel almost prescient about the Anne Hathaway thing.

  8. Kim Power Says:

    Love the song. Sadly, if you live outside the USA, licensing laws prevent you joining Pandora. 😦
    But my husband is very keen on Celtic and folk in general and now I know some new music to get for him.

  9. Tim of Angle Says:

    Pandora? Yuck. Try

  10. Jamie Says:

    I am such a huge fan of Great Big Sea, I don’t think they get half the recognition they deserve in the States. I went to a concert they had in NYC and there energy just blew me away. Looking even more forward to Steel now.

  11. Bradford Says:

    That was very nice! I don’t have a Pandora account, but it played the first three songs of your playlist. Were there only three, or will I need to sign up to hear the rest?

    The first two were perfect music for Contra Dancing. In fact, I’m sure I’ve danced many times to that tune played by the Chieftains.

  12. Kathleen Says:

    I loves it!
    I shared it with my Dad and my roommate Richard.

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