The Green Hornet

January 17, 2011

SyFy Channel justified its existence last week by running a day-long marathon of the original Green Hornet TV series.  I caught a few episodes and was glad I did.  It had the production values of the old Batman TV show, but with a mod/hip sensibility more akin to The Avengers or something along those lines.  Now I finally understand the crush everyone has on Bruce Lee.  And that punch-card speed dial phone!  Awesome!

The movie was 30% good.  The rest of the time I wanted to flay Seth Rogen alive in a vat of salt.  30% of the time, he was a perfectly good Green Hornet.  The rest of the time, he was a moronic douchebag.  I got the feeling somebody, somewhere thought this was entertaining.  It is not.

Also, if it was me, I would have taken the flash drive to an internet cafe.


7 Responses to “The Green Hornet”

  1. ArcLight Says:

    Overall, I liked the movie well enough which was considerably more than I expected to like it. And yeah, I spent the whole thing wishing most anyone else had been cast as the Hornet.

    I’ll remain hopeful that it will do well enough to get The Powers That Be to sort out their issues and get the original series on DVD. (yes, I know this hasn’t worked for Batman yet, but….)

  2. Daniela C Says:

    Man, that sucks to hear! I was hoping for a good entertainment flick!
    Caught one episode of the TV version, LOVE the punch card phone! HOLY SPEED DIAL, BATMAN!

  3. Cat Says:

    I didn’t expect it to be anything like the series, but I was happy to find a few bits and pieces in the movie that called back the series. Seth Rogen could possibly be the Green Hornet, but bearing in mind the “origin” story nature of movie I could buy it. (Britt Reid in the series is an older, more mature, guy… which you see as a possibility as the movie goes on and Seth’s portrayal almost gets a clue.)
    I like that Jay Chou didn’t try to be Bruce Lee… he as much as said it couldn’t be done in a few interviews. But he did finally get Kato the amazing spotlight that the series didn’t really shine on him. (Because of the era – Bruce Lee is amazing but you can’t let him outshine the Green Hornet in the 60s.)
    I enjoyed the movie, but I knew it wasn’t going to be like the series. (And yes, Syfy made a smart choice with that marathon… I loved seeing the series, especially the bits that made fun of Batman.)

  4. carriev Says:

    I was actually pleased that the Cameron Diaz character (whose name I ought to remember but can’t) responded to Rogen’s horrifyingly offensive drivel the way that most normal women would respond: GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU FREAK.

    So, that was nice… But those scenes were _painful._

  5. Charles Monn Says:

    Saw it tonight. I’ve been questioning the casting of Seth, myself. It all made sense when the credits rolled. Seth was one of the writers. Not the first time an actor has written a movie so he could star in it. The car’s were awesome. Chou was awesome. Seth was Seth. Bonus points for anyone who spots Edward Furlong (John Connor from Terminator 2) in the movie. I saw him in the credits and had to look it up.

  6. Chris Byrne Says:

    I was kinda wondering why they didn’t just upload it from their internet connected car…. I mean that thing had a full commo suite in it, I’m sure it had a USB port somewhere.

  7. carriev Says:


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