Happy New Year!

January 2, 2011

I fully intended to post yesterday, a nice start of the year post with a summary of last year and hopes for the new year.  Instead, I spent all day on the sofa watching the Twilight Zone marathon (“It’s a cookbook!”) because I’ve started the new year with a cold.

So, I was torn between wanting to have a high-energy new year’s day, cleaning the house and working and setting a good, high-functioning tone for the year.  Or spending it as a lazy holiday.  The cold decided for me.  I probably shouldn’t have gone to the New Year’s Eve party the night before, because I think it did me in for yesterday.

That’s the trouble with making a big event out the new year and its resolutions.  There’s a sense of do or die about the whole thing.  And if it doesn’t work out — what, you have to wait a whole year to start over?  Of course not.  Every day’s a new chance.

Oh, and I finally watched 2010 last week, so I could say I watched it in 2010.  Love that movie, with all its big space ships and meaty science fiction.  But you know what bothered me on this viewing, actually watching it in 2010?  All those big CRT monitors.  We could imagine sending people to Jupiter — but couldn’t imagine touch screens?


4 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Clothdragon Says:

    I read the last paragraph to Hubby, partially because I theorized that he’d actually know which movie 2010 was, but he brought up the amusement of technology heading a different direction than expected and the reboot of the Shadowrun game system when tech didn’t follow the originally expected path. They’d expected VR to be bigger than it ever really got.

  2. LupLun Says:

    New Year’s always depresses me. Maybe it’s me, but I keep thinking “Another year gone, and I’m still stuck here.” Dick Clark looking more like a zombie each time doesn’t help either.

    Seriously, did you catch him this year? His face is made of plastic, he can’t talk right anymore, and he’s obviously relying on the teleprompter. I admired him when he kept at it after the stroke, but these days it’s just sad. Dude’s one of the great showman of the past 100 years, but he needs to hang it up.

    You know what the weird thing is? 2010 is mid-80’s, right? We had touch-screens then. They were on Citibank ATMs as early as ’85. Maybe they just though it wouldn’t catch on? ^_^

  3. Lionus Says:

    “Touch screens” in the future? Nah. Can you imagine how un-hygenic that would be on a large-crewed space ship? Where have all those scren-touching fingers and tentacles been? Definately voice-directed screens.

  4. Brian Says:

    Touch Screens and hand sanitizers would’ve been cost prohibitive to the mission. 😉

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