you can tell I turned the book in because I’m talking movies again

December 13, 2010

Just saw the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  As much as I think the franchise ought to be retired, there are two reasons I’ll see this.  A) The filmmakers realized Johnny Depp and Geoffry Rush were carrying the damn thing and seem to have booted Knightly and Bloom.  Yay!  and B) The bit in the credits that reads “Suggested by a novel by Tim Powers.”  I like it when good people get a little credit.  Yay!

The Tron: Legacy previews have swung into giving away too much of the plot, so I stopped watching.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader:  I’ve really enjoyed these.  I just love nicely done fantasy world movies. (That’s what comes of being the target age for Willow when it first came out.)  This is nicely done, and has one of the OMG scariest monsters ever.  That thing was just creepy.  Now, confession:  I haven’t read the books beyond The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  This is because when I should have been reading them (and Lloyd Alexander, and Susan Cooper, etc.) I was reading the entire works of Walter Farley and Marguerite Henry, because I was one of those little girls.  I was warned that the Christian allegory gets turned up to eleven in this one, but I really didn’t mind because if you’re not looking for it it just slides on past.  But I gotta tell you, it does make me wish The Golden Compass movie had been successful enough that we could get the film version of The Amber Spyglass, which pretty much does away with allegory entirely to show decrepit senile God dead in a ditch.  I’d love to see Hollywood try to tackle that one.

I’m still in love with TCM, because of things like The Pirate.  This is a very strange completely hilarious musical comedy starring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly, directed by Vincent Minnelli, with songs by Cole Porter.  It’s got one of those twisted mistaken identity plots, with the girl who dreams of being kidnapped by a pirate, but she’s betrothed to the boring mayor, but the traveling player who falls in love with her pretends to be the pirate she’s obsessed with, but then it turns out the boring mayor actually is (or rather was, he’s retired now) the pirate she’s obsessed with, and when the player is arrested for the pirate’s crimes the girl has to hatch this scheme to get the boring mayor to confess that he’s really pirate so she can save the player, which she does successfully when the mayor realizes the way to win her heart is to confess he’s the pirate, but then of course he gets hanged in the player’s place…  Yeah.  And the Cole Porter music.  Really vague and forgettable — right up until the climactic moment, just before the player is about to get hanged for being the pirate, when we get “Be a Clown.” And an epic dance number with Gene Kelly and the Nicholas Brothers.  No, really.  I about fell off the sofa.  Why can’t we have movies like this anymore?


10 Responses to “you can tell I turned the book in because I’m talking movies again”

  1. David Bowles Says:

    We can’t get movies like that anymore because Hollywood has “sequelitis” and “remakeitis”.

  2. Michelle in Colorado Says:

    I remember seeing that movie when I was a kid, I was more after the music and dancing than the plot. Which is good because it does not have a happy ending.

  3. Amy Sisson Says:

    I’d have guessed it’s less likely that PotC booted Knightley and Bloom and more likely that they were less than interested. I have to say, I’m surprised Johnny Depp is willing to continue. I don’t think it’s for money because I’ve never gotten the idea he’s motivated that way, so I think it’s just because he has fun playing the character. But wow, I think it’s time to put it to rest.

  4. Debbie W Says:

    I saw Tron over the weekend on my friends’ projection home theater system. When it first came out, I saw it a few times. I told my friend it was just as awesome in appearance but made much more sense than when we saw it accompanied by “enhanced” brownies! 😉 I’m eager to see the new one … with just popcorn & a Dr. Pepper, though.

  5. Adam. Says:

    A few years back I met a few of the guys who did combat stunts on Prince Caspian.

    Not the sanest bunch you’ll ever meet.

  6. spiderorchid Says:

    I’ve always thought “The Pirate” is terribly underrated. Of course “Be a Clown” is marvelous, but “Nina” is a lot of fun too. Both Kelly and Garland give wonderful performances in this satire of the classic Errol Flynn extravaganza – it’s one of my favourites (and it does have a happy ending, by the way). Perhaps the problem is that most people view it as a ‘straight’ romance/adventure movie with it isn’t. Also the costumes and the whole colour scheme are gorgeous. ^_^

    I’m looking forward to the new “Pirates” movie – perhaps the franchise will survive another movie, depends on if they’ll try some new things now. Sequels are alright as long as the writers don’t run out of ideas… we’ll see.

  7. carriev Says:

    The psychology of stunt people is part of what I loved about Tarantino’s “Death Proof.” Zoe Bell is awesome!

    Yeah, The Pirate does have a happy ending, but it’s not often that a romantic comedy has hanging in the plot. Also, it was apparently based on a non-musical stage play that I actually kind of want to see now.

    I found the whole thing very stylized. Those hats… *shudder* “Nina” was an odd song. The best part about it was Gene Kelly’s pole dance in the middle. That’s right — Gene Kelly, pole dancing.

  8. Adam. Says:


    Now I’ve got this picture of Carrie sitting in the front row of some dodgy late 40’s Pirate Club clutching a fistfull of singles…

    That’s an image that could take some shifting. Thanks.

  9. Alan Kellogg Says:

    The mayor cum pirate is hung instead of the player. Just on a crusade to redeem “hung” after the years of abuse we’ve put it under.

  10. catopig Says:

    Glad someone else spotted Mr Kelly in what may be the earliest film of pole dancing. I thought it was just me… Beats any new pirate film, no one looks quite like him in tight trousers!!

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