After the Golden Age

December 7, 2010

I think I’ve been talking obliquely about my next stand-alone novel for awhile.  Mentioning it, dropping hints, etc.  I finally have permission to post the cover.  And OMG, the cover.  I love this.  The first thing I thought of when I saw it was the cover on The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon’s supremely excellent, Pulitzer Prize winning novel about the early days of comic books in New York City.  The vintage feel, the vintage colors, like it really is an artsy version of an old comic book cover.  It’s just perfect, it really is.

Tor’s art director, Irene Gallo, talks a little bit about the development of the cover at

Now, about the book.  This is another one I wrote in the gaps between contracts several years ago.  I think I wrote most of this one between writing Kitty Goes to Washington and Kitty Takes a Holiday.  Though I’d been toying with the ideas for years, and a short story featuring some of the characters appeared in a small ‘zine a long while back.  The story of the book is totally different, because that happens sometimes.

The summary, from the article:

It’s not easy being a superhero’s daughter. The only daughter of Captain Olympus and Spark, the world’s greatest champions, Celia West has no powers of her own, and the most exciting thing she’s ever done is win a silver metal in a high school swim meet. Meanwhile, she’s the favorite hostage of every crime boss and super-villain in Commerce City. She doesn’t have a codename, but if she did, it would probably be Bait Girl, the Captive Wonder.

Celia has worked hard to create a life for herself beyond the shadow of their capes. But when her parents’ arch-enemy, the Destructor, faces justice in the “Trial of the Century,” Celia finds herself sucked back into the more-than-mortal world of Captain Olympus–and forced to confront a secret that she hoped would stay buried forever . . . .

This one’s due out April 2011.


11 Responses to “After the Golden Age”

  1. Gwenda Says:

    Beautiful! Gorgeous! Sounds awesome too!

  2. Pamk Says:

    Omg I love that cover and the blurb sounds fantastic. Any idea of release date. And is it a YA cause you know I love share my books with my boys.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by SF Signal (John D.), torforgeauthors. torforgeauthors said: Carrie Vaughn: After the Golden Age […]

  4. H. C. Says:

    looks & sounds great! But sheesh, just how much of my money are you trying to get me to spend next year?

  5. Daniela C Says:

    Oh, I LOVE it!!!! Love the story/concept! Can’t wait to read it! Good Luck!

  6. Gillian Says:

    Next year will be HUGE for you! So many books to be released!

    I love this cover, too. As soon as I saw it, I thought of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand.

    Is it coming out first in hardcover or paperback?

  7. carriev Says:


    Yeah, another big year!

  8. izzybella Says:

    Oh WOW!! This is beautiful, plus it sounds really good! Looking forward to reading this.

  9. John Fiala Says:

    Well, I’m looking forward to reading this!

  10. Berni Says:

    I am so looking forward to this! I love your Kitty books and super hero comics as well. It sounds perfect to me.

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