December 1, 2010

My geeky friends and I are having a cyberpunk party this weekend, to watch the original Tron in preparation of the release of the new one (and to show it to the poor benighted souls who’ve somehow managed to go their entire lives without seeing it).  I noticed yesterday that the event announcement (that I didn’t write) requests that people bring “cybersnacks.”  I suddenly found myself pondering what exactly a cybersnack would be.  I came up with some possibilities:

1)  sushi

2)  anything cooked on a hibachi

3) vat-grown protein (i.e. Spam)

4) pizza delivery, preferably by a Mafia-owned pizza delivery company

Any other suggestions?


17 Responses to “cybersnacks?”

  1. I’m thinking smorgasborg, so you serve food that is borg-like. Because they are cybernetic organisms…

  2. Jaws Says:

    A 2-liter bottle of Jolt from one’s private stash

  3. Charles Monn Says:

    Blue and Red jello shooters. 🙂 Identity Disk pizza would be cool. Chips and dip are easy (round tortilla chips with red salsa and onion dip dyed blue)

    Cybernetic organisms? Someone needs to reboot. They are programs.

    end of line

  4. Charles Monn Says:

    More thoughts:
    Ritz crackers with peperoni and cheese.

    All drinks need to be served on something like this:

  5. Charles Monn Says:

    Oh, yeah, don’t forget Alan’s popcorn!

  6. Dalayah Says:

    Colored drinks in clear cups ,cookies of all kinds.
    Cheese sandwich with onions inside ,peppers ,garlic or anything else you would put on a pizza.

    If you want to have some fun with people try to get them to eat weird food like anchovy paste on crackers or strange new caned or packaged foods that you haven’t tryed.

  7. Mike Allen Says:

    (silicon) chips with everything.

  8. Jakk Says:

    I was thinking cookies with neon/glow in the dark lines on it.

    And Code Red Mt.Dew. Or that blue version.

  9. LupLun Says:

    Umm… “Cheese sandwich with onions inside ,peppers ,garlic” sounds like a recipe for toxic fumes to me.

    I’m sorry, but it does.

    Here’s an idea: bake a nice cake with gummi insects inside. Because there are always a few bugs to work out. ^_^

  10. Dalayah Says:

    I meant any thing you woad put on a pizza a suggestion some like mushrooms or sun dried tomatoes.

    But toxic I put onions garlic and peppers in all my food in one way or another. I grow them in my garden they keep the snakes away. I am from Texas if you cant stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. But I can understand that people who don’t eat them have a weaker immune system and so it hurts their weak stomachs.

    I know you meant to be kind. But I do have strong feelings about many thing. I know we all have different tastes and I defend mine with a passion.

    I am just trying to be nice as I have never held a party before or been to one.

    Smile you all

  11. Ramen – noodle stands are a staple of the genre, after all.

  12. Denise Says:

    Takeout noodles and ramune. They’re always eating noodles in cyberpunk. I don’t recall any ramune, but it’s Japanese and cool looking so it fits.

  13. Bradford Says:

    Baked chips and synthpop.

  14. Re WIlliams Says:

    A friend of mine had these wine bottle labels with a panther on them labeled “Panther Piss” She would soak off the original label on a cheep bottle of yellow colored wine and put on “Panther Piss”. When we passed the bottle around the fire it never failed to entertain …

    Variations could include: Robotic Oil or perhaps Silicon Juice (the later of which was inspired by Mike Alan’s suggestion.)

    For the colorful minded, perhaps cucumber cream cheese sandwiches. Cream cheese with violent food coloring whipped into it and the cucumbers soaked over night with water and food coloring of your choice. If your feeling very adventurous, make a normal load of white bread but add a lot of food coloring to the water before you add the flour.

  15. Bradford Says:

    For dessert someone could bring Dark Angel food cake.

  16. Jackie Says:

    spam musubi

  17. Jinian Says:

    Any food delivered intravenously.

    You can print with 3D printers using foodlike substances; sugar’s probably easiest.

    And apparently Quorn actually is vat-grown protein.

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