new covers for you

November 27, 2010

I have covers to share:

Kitty’s Big Trouble is due out from Tor in June 2011.  Yes, it takes place in San Francisco’s Chinatown.  No, it does not star Kurt Russell.


And Kitty’s Greatest Hits, the long-planned, long-awaited short story collection, which also includes “Long Time Waiting,” the novella that reveals what exactly happened to Cormac.  Due out August, 2011.

I believe both are available for pre-order on Amazon.  Let the countdown begin!



22 Responses to “new covers for you”

  1. Oh, such fabulous covers! I’m especially impressed with the cover for the short story collection. 🙂

    Can’t wait!

  2. Oh, and I have to ask:

    I notice the short story collection will be released in hardcover, according to Amazon. Does this mean all the subsequent Kitty books will be in hardcover as well?

  3. carriev Says:

    Er…I actually have no idea. I didn’t realize the short story collection was hardcover until just now…

  4. Beth Says:

    GORGEOUS covers. I think these are sexier than the “sexy” ones (Dead Man’s Hand/Raises Hell/House of Horrors).

    And I just sumbitted my 2011 orders; you are on standing order now at one more rural library in America, so no more watching dates and submitting orders manually! Hahaha!

  5. Well, Amazon’s not always correct on these things. But it makes sense if the collection is in hardcover, as it’s not an official part of the series. It lets the collection stand out more!

  6. Trai Says:

    There seems to be a paperback listing for it at Amazon, too, at price a trade paperback goes for. Maybe it’s out in both, or Amazon is confused?

  7. Jakk Says:

    Great looking books. On my must buy list for next summer.

    Thank you for making them!

  8. musicalmom Says:

    Oooh – can’t wait! Very nice covers.

  9. Icewolf Says:

    I noticed there are no wolves on the collection cover,,that’s a first for the series.

  10. carriev Says:

    Well, if the cover flats I just got in the mail are any indication, Greatest Hits will be coming out in trade paper. Dunno what the hardcover listing’s about…

  11. Rubymoon Says:

    I am SO jazzed about these books- and I cannot believe how the cover art just keeps getting BETTER!

    Pre-orders are set, and I’m letting all my pals know. They’re all champing at the bit for the Cormac short story. 🙂

  12. spiderorchid Says: has the short story collection in hardcover AND paperback, both coming out at the same time. I’ll pre-order the paperback and see what happens (already pre-ordered the novel). ^_^

    Thanks for sharing the covers and release dates, I’m very excited.

  13. Gillian Says:

    These covers are fantastic! Off to put them on my wishlist…

  14. LupLun Says:

    Nice. ^_^

    I note that this is the first time we’ve gotten a really good, unobstructed shot of Kitty’s full face. (Unless the cover for Long Time Listener First Time Werewolf is canon.) Every other cover, she’s either in shadow or in profile. I have to say I like the old approach- a little mystery about our heroine.

    I also have to note, with some annoyance, that Kitty’s body shape has fluctuated wildly from cover to cover. For example, she has some marvelous curves on House of Horrors, but on Raises Hell she looks like a fugitive from a Rob Liefeld comic. This one looks good, though. Nice hips. ^_^

  15. carriev Says:

    Well, re: body shape: first, I believe the artist has used a couple of different models, and second, you’d be AMAZED how much the angle of view can change body shape.

  16. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tor Books, Vania S, torforgeauthors, Jennsbookshelf, Qwill and others. Qwill said: RT @torbooks: New Kitty Norville covers: […]

  17. Here’s something that I’ve been dying to ask: for the Kitty’s Big Trouble cover, why does Kitty have a big hole in her shirt? I keep wondering if she’s just doing the grunge thing, or if it ties into the story somehow!

  18. Robert Says:

    The end of low rise jeans and tramp stamps ^_^

    They look great! Much more like what I imagined Kitty to look like. I can’t wait till next summer.

  19. carriev Says:

    Shara: I imagine she’s being depicted after one of the many big fights she gets into this time around…

  20. BrianS Says:

    Can’t wait to read them. Thanks for being such an awesome writer 🙂

  21. Amanda Says:

    Well…I know I’m late but 🙂 LOVE the covers! Can’t wait for more Kitty 🙂

    Re: body shape; yes, it’s all about the angle, but I like Kitty #1,#5 and this new one. She has a healthy body shape and weight. Which is sadly not the case with many covers as of late.

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